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For those of you who are not yet done with your Christmas shopping, maybe this will give you some ideas.
I have been exposed to EchoStore since it was first launched last 2008. Two of its owners were previous bosses of mine, Ms. Chit Juan and Ms. Reena Francisco. Actually, Ms. Juan became my boss again in 2008. Anyway, that was also the time they launched EchoStore and I must say that it inspired me to make better choices regarding the products that I use. 
EchoStore is the first concept store of its kind in the Philippines. It embraces a holistic lifestyle and thus, promotes eco-friendly, all-natural products. They offer a wide range of personal and home products as well as a lot of other stuff! As if that wasn’t good enough, its products also support various communities in the country. That is why when I was thinking of a great gift to give to my Ob-Gyne this Christmas, I immediately thought of giving EchoStore products. This Christmas, the store is offering various packages you can choose from, each beautifully packaged already.
Take a look at the gift I had them pack for my Ob-Gyne!
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Full View

For more information about the company, its products and its beneficiaries, visit their website by clicking here.

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