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As one gets older, it seems like you get less and less gifts during Christmas, making the focus more on the kids. They say its because Christmas is really just for kids. But isn’t it nice to be remembered by your kids too during this holiday?

During every occasion such as Christmas when my kids feel that they have to give me a gift, they encounter a dilemma. Zoe and Ziya don’t get allowances yet and so they have no funds to buy me something. So they usually have to resort to making me something, like a card or an art project, which for me is something more meaningful. This Christmas was no different. 

Ziya, with the help of her Papi, made me a breakfast of bacon and eggs, which is my favorite breakfast of all. Look at how cute it was!

Zoe, on the other hand, made use of her new arts and crafts tools to make me a picture frame. 

Aren’t they just the sweetest? 😀 

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