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This is just a quick shout out to greet my not-so-baby boy a happy 19th month birthday. Wow, Ziggy is 19 months old today. He’s now nearer to becoming two years old and for some reason that makes me feel really sad. He’s just growing up so fast and I already miss his baby days. Lately, I’ve been looking at his baby photos and I usually find myself getting very emotional and end up crying. It’s silly, I know. But you have to realize I have two tweens now and I know for a fact that time flies by before you know it. It just seems like yesterday that Zoe and Ziya were born but they’re big kids now and will soon become teenagers.
Aside from that, Ziggy’s growing up also makes me sad because I don’t think we’ll be having any more babies in the future. Though we want at least one more, it’s just not a practical choice for us because having kids is expensive! So, knowing that I’ll most likely never have a new baby again makes me cling so much more to Ziggy. If only he’ll be my baby forever.  
Anyway, before I end up crying again, let me just share with you some photos of Ziggy today. We didn’t celebrate outside the house since it’s a weekday and hubby has work tonight. As usual though, hubby cooked something special for dinner. If you’re already pretty familiar with what Ziggy’s favorite food is, you’ll know what my hubby cooked – another pasta dish, because Ziggy just LOVES noodles. This time around, hubby cooked spaghetti with bacon, mushroom and tomato in olive oil. Yummy!
Here’s Ziggy trying it out. He still loves eating noodles with his fingers. Though he tries to use his utensils at times, he gives up easily when eating noodles because it’s just hard to master.

Afterwards, when the hubby was starting to get ready for work, Ziggy refused to let him get ready. He wanted his dad to play the guitar with him first. My hubby is good with the guitar and I hope that Ziggy learns to play to someday. He’s showing interest in it now, which is good, although at times he prefers pretending that he’s banging drums instead. Haha!

Happy 19th month birthday, Ziggy! You will always be mommy’s baby boy no matter what age you are already. I love you!

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