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Last July, I shared with you guys Papermela’s latest planner sticker releases. If you missed reading it, you can find it here.

This month, I’m happy to share with you that Papermela has just released something new – washi tapes! Yay! If you’ve been following me on my planner IG account, you’d know that I love washi tapes just as much as I love stickers. I use both to decorate my planners to make them look prettier.

So, I was really, really happy when I saw Papermela’s washi tapes. This is her first washi tape release and I’m in love with them. Look!


There are four (4) different designs. The colors, as you can see, are pink and green, which is a favorite combo of mine. Three out of the four designs are regular sized washi tapes, while one is a thin version. Each roll has 10 meters of washi. These are premium washi tapes, by the way. They’re made of high quality material and doesn’t break or tear too easily like the cheap washi versions.


I’m a girly girl so I really appreciate the floral designs. But I’m also into macarons so I love that washi design as well. As for the thin version, it’s full of motivational phrases / quotes, which is really great during those days when you need some positivity in your life. I don’t have a lot of thin washi tapes in my collection but I’d love to have more especially since I’m now using a smaller planner. So, this one from Papermela was really a welcome addition to my stash.

This week, I used Papermela’s washi tapes in my pocket Foxy Fix traveler’s notebook, which I use as a wallet and planner combo. Here’s how I used them.

I decorated October in my monthly insert. I don’t normally put a lot of decorations on my monthly layouts to begin with. Just a little washi is usually what I use here.


For this week’s layout, I kept it really simple to highlight the washi tapes. Of course, as the week passes by, this will be filled with my handwriting and more stickers.


I’m also using a couple of new notebook inserts, which have a plain kraft cover. So, I decided to prettify it with Project Life cards and of course, Papermela washi tapes!


These washi tapes can be used in all sorts of other ways though, not just for creative planning and journaling. I’m sure you all can think of other stuff you can prettify around your house.

I super love this new release from Papermela. I only hope she releases more washi tapes soon and stickers too, of course!

If you wish to browse her collection, do visit her ETSY SHOP. Don’t forget to use my code: PRJANICE20 when you purchase. With this code, you can 20% off on a minimum of $10 of approximately Php 500 worth of products.

Follow Papermela on Instagram too to keep yourself updated with new releases.

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  1. Your planner is so cute and dainty. Used to be a big planner gal. But eventually moved to desk planners that fits my bag.
    Juvy Ann recently posted…Oakwood Premier (Joy-Nostalg Center Manila) ~ A Fine Retreat in the Ortigas Urban JungleMy Profile

  2. I love your washi tapes. I used to buy washi tapes but I stopped kasi hindi ko rin nagagamit. hehehe! Minsan lang if I need to wrap something. 🙂
    Michi recently posted…4 Birthday Party Theme for BoysMy Profile

  3. Ganda nung washi!!! 🙂 Checked out Papermela nga eh. Di ako makapili. I want them all.
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted…Johnson’s Shiny Drops #StillMyBabyMy Profile

  4. Wow! I have been wanting to buy washi tapes. Good thing you’re sharing this. Will check the shop later so I can get myself one.
    Cheryl F recently posted…Your Skin at Every AgeMy Profile

  5. Cute! I used to hoard washi tapes before. Wala lang, i just find them cute and seeing them makes me happy. I dont usually use them. Just keeping them hehe!

  6. Lhourdes Mercadero

    I really like how you design your planner.. The washi tapes are cute.

  7. Your planner looks so cute!! I would like my planner to look like yours! Hehehe! I love washi tapes although hindi ko talaga ginagamit.. Hahaha! Nakakahinayang kasi lol
    Coi recently posted…Your Beauty Needs from BeautyMNL.comMy Profile

  8. Yay! Those washi tapes are cute! Now I am thinking of DIY-ing my planner for 2017 because of your post. I hope I’d be able to pull-out a cute and nice planner as the one I see from other posts just like yours. 🙂 my creative juices needs some refreshing hihi
    Michelle recently posted…Thrifty Living Tips From A Millennial MommaMy Profile

  9. Wow, they’re really cute and nice looking tapes. I heard about washi tapes before but I’ve never tried one! Your planner reminds me that I need to get one too! huhu! I always forget my sched!
    Above Precious Rubies recently posted…Unfulfilled Commitment Causing a PauseMy Profile

  10. I love washi tapes! It is one of the things that made a great help to me when I did a lot of diy things for my twins birthday and baptismal.

  11. Alam mo sis at first akala ko bangle yong tape, hahahaha! tape pala. Ang sute kasi ng design at fave color ko pa.

  12. They look so purdy!!! But I haven’t used my washi tapes ever since I designed my own planner inserts and had them printed. Might as well use my washi tapes again!
    Maan recently posted…Finds from the S&R Members’ Treat 2016My Profile

  13. So dainty! 🙂 the only time i used washi tapes was to decorate my son’s baptismal candles. You, planner girls, are so masipag. My planner does not look any way close tp yours.
    Nini Perez recently posted…Baguio for a night with the Nadas and the PerezesMy Profile

  14. ang ganda, ang sipag mo din nakakabilib 🙂

  15. I used to be too OA with my planner before. I would doodle and use different pens to make it colorful and fun. Never thought washi tapes could add more character. Ihihi. would love to try that as well.
    berlin domingo recently posted…MOMI TIPS/ selling household chores to kidsMy Profile

  16. Washi types!!! They’re heaven. Whenever I use them I feel like so creative. Hahaha. Your choices are fab! I’ll check the shop.?

  17. Wow! The designs are so cute and girly. This is will be a perfect gift for someone who loves crafts and DIY.
    Mhaan A recently posted…[Tupperware Brands PH] Baby Care Plus Review + GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  18. Wow! I ♡ washi tapes. Thanks for sharing about this shop. Your planner looks so organized and like what they’ve said “so dainty” 🙂

  19. Very girly indeed! I’m really interested to give bullet journaling a try tas I found out about planners and now I’m overwhelmed haha. I don’t I can maintain keeping everything all put together and pretty looking 😀

  20. You make it seem easy to decorate a planner beautifully, but you see, I tried your suggestions and so far, hahahahaha–my results have been amateurish. I shall try again on my 2017 planner.
    May Palacpac recently posted…On plagiarism: Are you the same tomato?My Profile

  21. Those washi tapes are soooo preetty! I will definitely get some soon. I don’t have a planner I sticked to notebooks this year so a dash of color would be great!
    Denice Diaz-Faeldonia recently posted…Las Tiendas @ Freedom Park KawitMy Profile

  22. I’m actually figuring out where washi tapes are used. Thanks to you, I have an idea now.
    Jerzee Benavente recently posted…Cooking the Italian way with Chef Anton at The Maya KitchenMy Profile

  23. I’ve bought a few washi tapes before but haven’t found the use for them. You can use it for creative planners pala. Your planner is so cute and so well planned and crafted. If only I can be that tyaga to spend time on each page.
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…Oishi Great Lakes, Nature’s Goodness in Every SipMy Profile

  24. I am not a washi tape user pero when I see your blog, it all makes sense to me that these tapes can really be nice accessories to planners or maybe my kids’ projects.
    TweenselMom recently posted…When Your Teens Roll Their Eyes Before YouMy Profile

  25. They look so pretty! They add a nice creative aspect to your diary. 🙂

  26. Super cute Washi tapes design!! You are so artistic and I really love the way you design your planner.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Weekly Menu Plan #1 – Something New At The Peach KitchenMy Profile

  27. OMG! Washi tapes! I love, love washi tapes. I have a collection of washi tapes but I don’t want to use them since they’re so pretty 😀
    Edel recently posted…KIX RU Tough Enough Announces its 10 FinalistsMy Profile

  28. Those washi tapes have such lovely designs! They will make perfect presents for those who love doing arts and crafts.
    Maria Teresa Figuerres recently posted…Review of Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow PowderMy Profile

  29. Same with calligraphy, planning for pleasure is something I wanna try soon. well once im no longer swamped with too many things and once I have the money. Hehe. cute washies by the way!

  30. Love your planner and how artistic you are, wala kasi me ka art art sa katawan but I love to see beautiful things and appreciate it. I just use my starbucks planner
    Mommy Anna recently posted…Security Bank Offers Human Switch KitMy Profile

  31. So creative! Read a lot about washi tapes but haven’t really tried.

  32. Been eyeing for these washi tapes for quite sometime, but I dont know why I didn’t buy. With this post, I am more convinced :))
    Ayi recently posted…The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher: Your Defense Against the Threats of Dengue and ZikaMy Profile

  33. I love your planner! And I am a big fan of washi tapes, I will check out on Papermela’s for my next DIYs! 🙂

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