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In the video I posted on YouTube last week, I promised to post another one this week showing a flip through of my Foxy Fix planner set up for 2018. It’s now up on my channel but you can also view at the end of this post.

The gist is that I’m still using my pocket size or No. 2 Foxy Fix Sugar Mochi travelers notebook this year. However, since I’m de-cluttering my entire life this year, I tried to be more of a minimalist with my planner as well. I removed most of the die cuts and other embellishments and left only my favorite ones. And although I still use stickers in my daily planning pages, I’ve also cut down on those as well.

I also changed all of my notebook inserts for this year. I actually spent weeks looking at inserts on Etsy and had a hard time choosing which ones to get. What I did know was that I wanted the following inserts in my planner.

  • Notes
  • Home (to store important phone numbers, my kids’ and hubby’s personal info, etc)
  • Monthly Planning
  • Daily Planning
  • List (for my blog)
  • List (for house-related inventory)
  • Finance
  • Monthly Tracker
  • Menu Planner

I finally settled on a bundle pack of inserts that were on sale at 60% off from a store on Etsy! It had all the types of inserts I wanted plus more. The only other insert I didn’t get from that store is my Finance insert which I still got on sale from another store. So, yay!

Anyway, I talk all about these in detail on my video. So, please do watch it!

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

That’s it for my Foxy Fix planner set up for 2018. In the coming weeks, I also plan on going into more detail into how I use each of these inserts so that I can share if it’s working for me or not. Do let me know which insert you want to see first. Happy planning!

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  1. I like your planner insert. Pag mommy talaga, may menu planner na kasama. 🙂 I haven’t tried buying at Etsy shop, nag-sale din pala dun.

  2. I have had a hard time looking for the perfect planner. I liked how you’ve personalized your 2018 planner ~ it seems to have everything one need for planning. I love your planner ~ so cute and pretty.

  3. I love planners but haven’t tried buying at Etsy. I love inserts, especially the habit tracker! Inggit ako sa planner mo, so dainty and minimalist. I haven’t tried planner with inserts, yong travel planner lang ng wrangler pero yours is way prettier.

  4. cutie planner you have there, Having one is truly of help especially for on the go mom

  5. I settled for a Starbucks planner this year because someone gave it to me as a gift and I realized, I really don’t have the knack for designing my own journals. I do keep my journals for other things. Currently, I have on it important list reminders and tracking my new business sales. So far so good. 🙂

    Galing mo at ang tiyaga with the printing and laying them out and all that. It’s two things kasi talaga– you need to have the passion for it and the knack for it. You have both.

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