Deconstructed Banana Float in a Cup
Easy to prepare banana and cream dessert using Sugar Blend.
Servings Prep Time
4cups 20mins
Servings Prep Time
4cups 20mins
  1. Mix the all-purpose cream and the Sugar Blend in a bowl. Set aside.
  2. Break the graham crackers into small pieces and place some inside the cup, just enough to cover the bottom.
  3. Cover the graham cracker layer with a few spoonfuls of the cream and Sugar Blend mixture.
  4. Place several banana slices on top of the cream mixture.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4, making several layers until you reach 3/4 of the height of your cup.
  6. Cover the last layer with ground graham crackers and top with a few slices of bananas to decorate.
  7. Cover the glass cup and place it inside the freezer until frozen. Enjoy eating!