I have had the pleasure of writing for a variety of websites whose focus revolve around Family & Parenting, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Business, Marketing and Technology. Further, I have helped several clients with regard to their copywriting, email marketing, social media content and other administrative needs.

Here are some of my past and present clients.

Podcast Management Services

  • Julie Fry of Your Expert Guest (Podcast Pitching)
  • Amy Lang, MA of Birds + Bees + Kids (Podcast Pitching)
  • Jen Myers of HomeschoolCEO.com (Podcast Management)
  • Stephanie Judice (Podcast Editing Services)
  • Elicia Crook of Massage Champions (Podcast Pitching)
  • Samantha Semans of Ten 10 Social (Podcast Pitching)

Virtual Assistance | Digital Business Management

  • HomeschoolCEO.com (Podcast Management, Systems and Project Management, Blog Writing, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Podcast Management, Website Management)
  • Stephanie Judice (Podcast editing services)
  • Angela Accomando (Email Marketing)
  • DeAnna Dupree (Email Marketing, Copywriting, Schedule Management)
  • Babies to Toddlers (Research, Copywriting, Website Management, and other administrative work)
  • WeddingsatWork.com (Website Management, Article Writing, Social Media Management, and other administrative work)

Social Media Management

  • Global Outsource Partner, Phils. (Fan page and Twitter accounts)
  • Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. (Fan page and Twitter accounts)
  • Babies to Toddlers (Fan Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts)
  • MomCenter Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia (Fan Pages)
  • Ten 10 Social (Pinterest Marketing)

Writing Clients

  • Raket.ph (Article Writing)
  • Business Fluid (Article Writing, Press Releases and Web Content)
  • Spiralytics, Inc. (Article Writing, Press Releases and Web Content)
  • Indigo Memoirs (Article Writing)
  • The Asian Parent Philippines (Article Writing)
  • Daily Glow (Article Writing)
  • Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center (Former Contributing Writer)
  • Global Outsource Partners, Phils. (Web Content, Copywriting, Email Marketing)
  • SmartParenting.com.ph (Contributing writer)
  • Martine De Luna (Article writing, Press Releases)
  • DeAnna Dupree (Press Releases)
  • Language Match Translation Services (Editing and Proofreading, Business Plan Development)
  • Fully Booked Online (Article Writing)

Blog Partnerships

For a list of my blogging partnerships, please email me at [email protected] to request for a copy of my latest media kit.


  1. I so envy what you do.
    Hope you can give me tips.
    Im a mommy too…
    Good job! Nice articles.

    1. That is really sweet of you to say, Gay! 🙂 Thank you so much for making my day. I’d love to help you in any way I can. What kind of tips are you looking for exactly?

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