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My love for reading started when I was in the fifth grade. I started reading Sweet Valley Twins books and got hooked. Pretty soon I started collecting the whole series and started reading other books as well. My dream is to actually have a really nice library in my dream house someday. I believe in the power of books. It just opens you up to whole new worlds and makes you learn a lot about things you may never have heard of before. That is why when I had my kids, I really made sure that I pass on my love for reading to them.

One of my goals for 2011 is to find a cause or advocacy that I’m really passionate about and really commit to it. So, I was really pleased to come across an ad in the latest issue of Smart Parenting magazine about this organization composed of volunteers that brings books to public schools all over the Philippines. The group is called KaEskwela, which means “schoolmate” in Filipino. The group holds several events such as running feeding programs, holding a footwear drive, conducting art and literacy programs among others, in order to bring a world of opportunities for learning and dreaming to public school children. 

Presently, KaEskwela is focusing its efforts on building a library for the Lara Integrated School in San Fernando, Pampanga. They are in need of Php 400 – 500k to build it and so they are conducting  fundraising activities in support of this. One of the activities will be a book sale to be held on Friday, January 28 at 11pm to January 29 at 11am at Banchetto Emerald Avenue. It will be a street market targeted to call center agents. Everybody is welcome to come and buy books as well as donate books that are no longer needed.

Unfortunately for me, being 8 1/2 mos pregnant, I can’t go to the event and so I just decided to try and help KaEskwela by blogging about it. I plan on becoming a more active volunteer soon after I give birth. I think joining their events, together with Kai and the kids will be a great thing for us to do together. 

If you are interested to join the group and get regular updates, you may sign up by sending a blank email to brigadaeskwela-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. There are no requirements to join. You may also visit the following sites:


So, if you want to make a difference to public school kids, join now!

Spread the love


  1. Welcome to KaEskwela. I just joined the group sometime December and has manned 1 book sale event in QC (in front of Ateneo). It’s fun to be a part of this group too. Unfortunately, I kind of have a hard time joining them as well because I still have a 1 yr old baby that I’d need to put to sleep in the evening. But I’ll be manning the booksale on Sat from 6am to 11am. Hope to meet you in person someday Janice! ♥

  2. Hi Peach! Thanks for the message. I really appreciate it and it’s nice to meet another KaEskwela volunteer. We should definitely meet up one day. 😀

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