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I’ve always thought that I express myself best through writing. I’ve written in so many journals and diaries since I was in the sixth grade and I guess, that served as practice for me. However, my first journey into blogging only started a couple of years ago in Multiply. Eventually, though, I stopped blogging there when most of my Multiply friends transferred to Facebook. I only went back into serious blogging last November when I started this blog.
I started this blog for two reasons: 1) because I missed writing and 2) I knew this was an avenue wherein I can start earning online. I had just resigned from my full-time job a couple of months back and needed the extra income that blogging could bring. Besides, I am also pregnant and decided to stay at home and be a work-at-home mom instead and so I had the time on my hands to blog. Now, I am addicted to blogging and spend hours online writing and improving my blog. Though I haven’t really started earning yet, I know that it will be just a matter of time.
Blogging for the past 2 1/2 months has definitely affected me in positive ways. I was new to using Blogger and didn’t know much about HTML, widgets, buttons and stuff. Blogging definitely changed that. Everyday I learn something new, sometimes through visiting other people’s blogs or just simply surfing the Net. I have also gained new friends online through the networks I’ve joined. It’s nice to be among like-minded people, especially moms like me who are also going through similar experiences. Reading about how they deal with their everyday lives is very interesting and gives me ideas to improve my own. These networks have also helped me find other ways to earn online and that’s why I’m sure that it will happen one way or another in the next couple of months if not sooner.
Aside from that, blogging has also given me an avenue to record important events in my life, such as my pregnancy and upcoming birth to my first and only baby boy. I have actually just launched a new blog dedicated to that. I am sure that the blog will serve as an inspiration to other moms to do the same as well. 
There’s one thing I know for sure. From now on, I will never stop blogging. I will never stop writing. I just love it! I hope more people will come to know how great an experience it is. 
This is my official entry to the CoolBuster.net ExtraBLOGanza Contest. 
Coolbuster.net ExtraBLOGanza Contest

Winners of the contest will receive the following:

1st Prize: Php 10,000 + Domain + Ad spot for 3 months
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Note: If winner is from outside the Philippines, conversion will be based on US dollar rate.
Winners will be contacted through their blog on how to claim the prize.

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