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Since we now have a baby who’s barely two months old, it would be ages before Kai and I can go on an out-of-town trip again with just the two of us. So, it’s nice to be able to, for the moment, just relive our previous trips through Sweet Saturday. For today, I’d like to share photos of our Baguio trip in 2008, wherein we also traveled with three other friends. It was actually my first out-of-town trip with Kai, which is one of the reasons why it’s so memorable.

The photo below was taken at the Manor Hotel. We didn’t stay there at that time but we just hung out and took pictures.

Below is a photo taken at our visit to Burnham Park. We left our friends for a while (hehehe) and decided to take a stroll. That is where we had our first taste of strawberry taho (soybean custard). It was yummy!

Of course, we also had our photo taken at The Mansion. This is where the President stays when he goes to Baguio.

Any Baguio visit will not be complete without going to the Minesview Park!

And any out-of-town trip with friends will not be complete without a night out in town. We all went to this bar near Camp John Hay. I forgot what it’s called. I just remember that we had a ghostly encounter at the parking lot when we were about to leave.
Here’s our photo taken when we stopped over at the viewing deck by the Lion’s Head, overlooking the roads leading to Baguio.
On our trip home, we stopped by at a Filipino seafood restaurant in Tarlac, wherein the tables were actually inside huts built on water. After enjoying the food, we also watched dancers who danced traditional Filipino dances. But the most fun part was when all of us went to their Tacsiyapo Wall (sort of like an anger wall), wherein you can literally throw ceramic plates and cups to release your anger. It was super fun and hilarious! That’s when I learned I have really bad aim, hehehe.
The trip was really so fun that we didn’t want it to end. So, even when we already got back to Manila and it was nighttime already we didn’t go home and instead went to have coffee in Starbucks, wherein this photo of us holding hands was taken.
Seeing all these photos again makes me really miss those times. I can’t wait until our next trip together.

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  2. really sounds like a fun vacay. strawberry taho looks interesting! i want to try that Tacsiyapo wall haha! it feels so good to reminisce the past with your lovey noh 😀
    thanks for joining Ice!

  3. Following from the weekend blog hop! You may follow me back at http://igiveugetgiveaways.com. Thanks!

  4. Spound that you too had fun there..i never been in Baguio..love to go there someday

    thanks for dropping by

  5. Wow what a fun trip to Baguio : ) I got to try the strawberry taho. Looks yummy! Thanks for the Sweet Saturday visit.

  6. Your photos just make me want to include Baguio when I next plan my vacation in Philippines, hehehe….

    There just seems to be so many things to do there.

  7. i think i have strawberry taho on my list of food to taste in case we visit Baguio this coming Sept.

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