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It’s almost May and this month makes me remember the day Kai and I went to Tagaytay and Caleruega in May 2009 with a few friends to celebrate our good friend, Carina’s birthday.  That was my first Caleruega trip and it was really fun. Of course, no trip will be complete without pictures and so here are the best ones of Kai and I. 
The first photo is of us outside the Chapel on the Hill near Caleruega. It was our first visit there together. The next one was just last December 2010, this time for Carina’s wedding.
This photo was taken at the bridge in Caleruega. I love this photo!

Kai took this photo of me at the bridge too. Our friends are at the background.
This was also in Caleruega by the koi ponds. 

We had a picnic at the Picnic Grove before leaving for Manila and this photo was taken there.

I’m so looking forward to more trips with the hubby. I miss going out with just him. Maybe when Ziggy’s a little older we can do that again.

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  1. I’ve been to picnic groove once and i really like the place..so beautiful and romantic.

    lovely couple!!!

    thanks for visiting my SS. My SS entry was taken when it was only 10degrees…sometimes here in Sweden down to minus 15…as in freezing…heheh

  2. Thanks for joining in the Fun Tuesday Hop

    Sorry its taken me so long to leave a comment!

    I already follow 🙂

    ~ The professionally insane m

  3. lovely place. heard Caleruega is perfect for weddings.:)

    Hope you can visit my first entry for Sweet Saturday thanks 🙂

  4. ganda talaga sa Calaruega. been wishing to go there someday 😀 yan din hinihintayko. when the kids are older we can spend more time with our hubby alone. thanks for joining Ice. hope to see more sweetness of you and your hubby 😀

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