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A week ago, I blogged about my daughter, Zoe turning 13. Today, I’m sharing how we celebrated her special day. We actually had to celebrate a day early because the day of her birthday was a Monday, which is both a school day and work day. So, we figured it would be best to schedule the celebration on a weekend instead.

We wanted to celebrate by eating somewhere special. We decided on going for a buffet since it has been a while since we all went to a buffet together. Since Zoe likes Japanese food, we were choosing between Sambokojin or Yakimix Prime. In the end though, we chose Yakimix Prime because it’s nearer to us and I got excited by the prospect of having unlimited wagyu beef. Hahaha!!!

We didn’t make a reservation so we made sure to arrive there on time for the place to open at 11:00 a.m. Yakimix Prime is located at Level 2, Wumaco Building, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Hubby dropped us off so that we can already go in while he parked. That turned out to be a great decision. When we got inside, there weren’t many people yet so we were seated immediately right next to the buffet station. We had already started getting food when people started trickling in. Pretty soon the place was packed. So go early!


Anyway, the place is not that big. I liked the interiors. There were a lot of glass and wood, which I love. As far as I could see, only booths were available, which can be a pain if you’re planning to go back and forth to the buffet stations. But I guess they were trying to squeeze in several tables to maximize the space.


The first station we went to is the Japanese buffet of course. Hubby and I headed straight to the sashimi station.


I love Salmon Sashimi so I got a lot of that. Hahaha! I love how fresh the sashimi are. This was just my first plate, by the way. Haha!


Then of course, I had to get a lot of sushi too. Take a look at that sushi boat! My girls also love sushi so this was their first stop at the buffet.

I meant to take a photo of the Tempura station but all the times I went past it, the serving trays were empty or close to empty because people kept getting food. I was actually only able to eat only two pieces of Ebi Tempura. You can also find a Ramen station and a Katsu Station.

What I love about Yakimix Prime is the variety of food. They have Japanese, Korean and Chinese food. Plus they use better ingredients too compared to the regular Yakimix restaurants.

Here’s the Chinese station (I think!). I didn’t even get to taste anything from here. I figured I already eat a lot of Filipino and Chinese food at home so I might as well stuff myself with other cuisines.


Here are more appetizers and salads.


All kinds of sauces and seasonings. This was from the Grill Station.


From the Chinese station.


These I got to try because I love oysters! Their baked oysters have potato on them though, which I didn’t like that much.


Here’s the fruit and salad station.  I love that they have a wide selection of fruits to choose from. Ziggy ate a lot of fresh watermelon!



One of the most exciting things for us though was the Grill Station. They had a lot of different types of meat to choose from. Aside from the Japanese station, this is where we got most of our food. Good thing we were seated right in front of it!


Here’s a closer view of what you can find at the Grill station. One side consists of all kinds of beef, plus kikiam, fish cakes, fish balls. The other side has so many kinds of seafood.

This is where the Wagyu beef can be located. The thing I love most about Yakimix Prime is the unlimited Wagyu. So, you bet this plate is not the only plate of Wagyu we got. Haha!


Here’s another plate we had for grilling.


Of course, I made sure all of us got to try grilling.

We were stuffed! Zoe couldn’t even stand anymore. She was the first to give up, poor girl. But of course, we still had to leave room for dessert.

Here’s the Chocolate Fondue Station.


There was a great selection of cakes and pastries. I especially love the Strawberry Cheesecake. Zoe ate two servings of the Mango Float (yes, despite being full already!).


Ziggy, on the other hand, got crazy over the candy buffet! Oh, and  he had some ice cream too.


Oh, as for the drinks, I initially thought they weren’t part of the fee but they were! I was so happy! You can get an unlimited supply of soda, iced tea, lemonade and even beer and coffee!

We had a really, really great dining experience. We were happy with the food. Plus, the service is great too. There were a lot of waiters around the whole area and were very attentive in terms of getting empty plates from the table and refilling the stations.

We were actually ready to go home when some of the waiters suddenly went to our table to sing a Happy Birthday song to Zoe. They gave her a cake too. Special treat! It was a really nice way to celebrate Zoe’s 13th birthday!

It was definitely a memorable dining experience for us. But I think we’ll be taking a break from the buffet scene for a while. We realized we can no longer handle that much food in one sitting. Haha! But if you’re up for it, I definitely recommend Yakimix Prime.

I think the rates are good considering the variety of food and drinks available.  I suggest you make a reservation though to be sure you’ll have a table.

You can call (02) 869-0777/ 869-0888 for reservations. We went on a Sunday so we had to pay Php 788 per person, but that’s only for me, hubby and Ziya. Zoe got to eat for free because she availed of the birthday promo. Woohoo! We had to pay Php 388 for Ziggy, though, because he’s tall for his age and so even if he’s only 3 years old, he’s already beyond 3 ft. Oh well, it’s all good! It was definitely worth it!

Happy birthday, Zoe!


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  1. Although, I already greeted you, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ulit! hahaha.. Wow, I’ve been craving for Japanese food lately, and looking at your photos, gusto ko na pumunta there now! I’m glad you guys enjoyed Zoe’s 13th birthday! Gosh, 2 years na lang at mag 13 na rin si Jersey!! 🙂
    Millie recently posted…Post Halloween Experience: The Thrills and Chills at View Park Hotel TagaytayMy Profile

  2. I love Yakimix! My husband and I used to date there at least once a month but since he started living healthy, it’s reduced to once in a blue moon… huhuhu.

    Anyway, happy 13th birthday to pretty Zoe!
    Renz recently posted…Inspired by My Home PhilippinesMy Profile

  3. Naku you are right. Go early. Yakimix are always jam-packed. 🙂 We haven’t eaten there without making reservations first. Hehhehehe.. Now I miss the wagyu. And belated happy birthday Zoe!
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted…Just Some Random Non-Sense PostMy Profile

  4. Unlimited wagyu? OMG! I haven’t tried Yakimix yet but there’s no Yakimix Prime here, which is sad haha. Belated hapit birthday to your daughter! 😀
    Maan recently posted…My Pursuit of HappinessMy Profile

    1. That’s supposed to be “happy” haha
      Maan recently posted…My Pursuit of HappinessMy Profile

  5. My husband’s been wanting to eat there with me, but I’m not really a Japanese food fan so I’ve been stalling, haha. But now that I’ve read your review and have seen your pics, I just might give in to his request already on our next date. 🙂
    May De Jesus-Palacpac recently posted…Of Ramen and ChopsticksMy Profile

  6. Wow, I haven’t been to Yakimix Prime, but they seem to have a wider spread than the Yakimix at Trinoma? Or is it the same just re-invented? The last time we ate at Yakimix kasi medyo nadisappoint ako sa taste and number of choices.
    Roxi – Mr. Jacob’s Mom recently posted…Things We Love: Halo SleepSack SwaddleMy Profile

  7. You daughter looks cute like her parents.. congrats girlie.

  8. That’s one great way of celebrating someone’s birthday. For 2 years in a row now, we’ve been doing the same thing, too. Sarap eh! 😀
    Mrs. Kolca recently posted…DIY Snowflake Christmas Tree OrnamentMy Profile

  9. Is Yakimix Prime the upscale version of Yakimix? Hehehe. But from the pictures, looks like it has more food choiced than the Yakimix branches I’ve been too.

    Anyway, happy birthday to your little dalaga! 🙂

  10. I find the price reasonable at Yakimix prime because they have a lot of food alternatives.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Pinoy Fitness 21K ChallengeMy Profile

  11. The ambiance of Yakimix is beautiful. I wish I can visit Yakimix.

  12. I only went to Yakimix once because I was dissatisfied with their food, lol – but it looks like they’ve improved since the last time I went – so I might as well try again.

  13. I love all kinds of sauces and seasoning, and the boat of sushi looks so tempting and delicious. Your photos arise my appetite for Eastern cuisine.

  14. I love salmon sashimi too. 🙂 I’ve tried the regular yakimix but not this one. Seems like it’s worth a trip, especially for the wagyu beef.
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…#healthisHappening Challenge Day 18My Profile

  15. Ayan na si wagyu beef! I also go for the Japanese station first at buffets. Can’t get enough of sashimi.
    Patricia | MrsC recently posted…Newlywed Bliss #SundaySevenMy Profile

  16. I am honestly not a buffet person since I have little room in my stomach to ear. But the food choices does look great! Belated Happy Birthday to Zoe!

  17. Sakto sa lunch time! Haven’t tried Yakimix yet, will find some time! 🙂
    Mayu recently posted…Are You Ready For The Philippine Ducati Weekend?My Profile

  18. I also love Japanese food the most! For every buffet, I usually go straight to the sushi and sashimi too! 🙂 I haven’t tried Yakimix Prime though. Maybe, we should go for our family’s next special event! 🙂
    Chinky Magtibay recently posted…Thankful Thursdays with May Palacpac! Family and OpportunitiesMy Profile

  19. I actually tried Yakimix before, but just the regular one. Yakimix prime definitely had better options, and oh my gosh that unlimited wagyu, I want!!!
    phyliciamarie recently posted…Back to Class with Coffee-mate’s Barista U!My Profile

  20. happy birthday Zoe! 🙂 Nice name! I love that resto! Yakimix 🙂 I also celebrated my birthday there last May 🙂

  21. If it was me, I’d go there on a weekday lunch on my birthday and indulge on some wagyu heheh
    stacy | traveltripsters.com recently posted…Camp Allen Majayjay Laguna White Water Rafting Adventure: Level 3 with 21 Rapids So Near from Metro ManilaMy Profile

  22. Japanese food really the best and it’s “Eat and drink all you can.” My tummy’s getting bigger by just imagining the wagyu beef, sashimi, tempura, katsu, etcccccc.

  23. 13 is a really challenging age, at least for me. They’re growing into their own yet they still need you which is nice when they do. Great celebration and interested to try Yakimix.

  24. Happy birthday to Zoe! Im not a fan of Japanese food but love some of their dish. Oh love the sweets! Nice place!
    Lauren Ashleu recently posted…Fall Style ChallengeMy Profile

  25. I love (and miss) eating in Yakimix! Is Yakimix Prime different though?
    Happy birthday to Zoe!
    Carmel recently posted…You don’t always have to get on a plane to travel and explore. Let my colorful trip to Angono show you why.My Profile

  26. Happy birthday kay Zoe! Hm… sa wakas mga larawan ng pagkaing katakam-takam, ngunit pwede sa aknig sikmura. Matagal a akong naglalaway sa mga larawan ng pagkaing prito, malalangis at matataba. Sushi. Ayos yan. Mukang ang-enjoy kayo nang husto at maganda rin ang lugar.
    Jerome Lupisan recently posted…Gallstone Diet: Ang Kagila-gilalas na DyetaMy Profile

  27. Happy birthday to Zoe! I miss Yakimix and the buffets there back in the PH. Huhu, so affordable yet with lots of choices and good food. Nice photos too!
    Aileen recently posted…Comfort & Style: 10 High Heel TipsMy Profile

  28. Belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for this found another place to visit and experience great food 🙂 yum! yum!
    David D’Angelo recently posted…Freebies and discounts from Mustard Seed this Season – The 15 Seeds of Christmas!My Profile

  29. Seems lucky for your daughter she ate a lot in for free. Now that… is a perfect birthday gift!
    slickmaster recently posted…The Scene Around: Haunted Prison HouseMy Profile

  30. I am not really a fan of buffet restaurants, but I love Japanese food. This is enticing!
    Janet De Leon recently posted…Orchids Resort: Budget Accommodation in BoracayMy Profile

  31. Sigh, saw that sushi boat at the start of your post and now I’m craviiiiing!
    Patricia | MrsC recently posted…Pampered at PiandreMy Profile

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