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Momma Don't You Worry Book Cover Momma Don't You Worry
Louie Lawent
Children's eBooks
Ladybee Publishing
January 27, 2015
12 pages

This illustrated books tells a poetic story from a six year old's viewpoint. His mother worries too much in his opinion, until they go on a shopping trip and he gets a real appreciation for just how right his mom is.

About the Author:

Louie Lawent lives in Berlin, Wisconsin. He is also a lyricist with his co-written works featured on rock, country and children's releases. His co-written song "One More Father's Son" is on Grammy award-winning D.L. Byron's latest CD "Satori". This book, Momma Don't You Worry, was illustrated by his childhood friend, Rick Radliff, who lives in Seattle. Rick also illustrated Louie's picture book, Gerty the Pig, which is in schools across the U.S. and is in the National Accelerated Readers Program.

For more information about Louie Lawent, visit his Facebook page. Click the links below to purchase this book.


I haven’t done a book review for some time so I’m happy to be back with a new one now, especially since it’s a children’s book that moms like me can read to our kids.

This is definitely one book that moms can relate to. Who among us haven’t experienced at least one of our kids refuse to hold our hand when out in public? Who among us haven’t experienced our kids attempt to go off on their own to explore? Who among us don’t worry ourselves sick about our kids getting lost when they do so?

I, for one, have experienced those things. While I think I’ve done a pretty good job reminding my kids how to be safe when we go out, I think that, like the kid in this book, they sometimes don’t get why it’s important.

The nearly six-year-old boy in the book feels that he’s too old to be holding mama’s hand and that he’s old enough to go exploring the mall on his own. That is, until he gets lost. It was only then that he realizes what can happen. Luckily, his mom also taught him well about how to find help if he gets lost and so he eventually found his way back to her.

Although this book is only 12 pages long, it’s short enough to hold a young child’s interest but long enough to impart very valuable life lessons. If you’re child is at that stage wherein he or she is already showing signs of wanting to be more independent, this book could be helpful to you in teaching your child about safety.

I love that the book uses rhyming words. I believe it makes the story more fun for the kids to hear. I also love that the illustrations are cute and minimal, not overpowering the text at all.

I’m all for entertaining children’s books that are educational too. This one is exactly that and so I definitely recommend it.

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  1. Oh, this is one of my greatest fears. πŸ™ I’m always afraid I’ll lose track of my kids while we’re out. My brother and I got lost once when we were kids, so I’m taking extra care to remind my kids often about sticking close
    PW recently posted…Ten Best OPM Music Videos Featuring Philippine Society and CultureMy Profile

  2. It’s nice that the book uses rhyming words. This would be new learning for kids aside from the nice story.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Getting the adidas Ultra Boost AdvantageMy Profile

  3. I know how makulit children can be. I also taught my daughter how to find me when she gets lost. I made her memorize my celphone number since she was 2 years old.

    1. I want to get a copy of this book so I can read it to my daughter.
      Mommy Peach recently posted…Snickers Ice Cream BarMy Profile

  4. I don’t have kids yet but books like this could probably help kids understand at a very young age

  5. That is my biggest fear when we’re at the malls, getting my daughter lost. Now that my daughter is showing interest in books, I’ll show this to her the next time we go to the bookstore.
    Badet Siazon recently posted…Sponsored Video: A mother’s love and the Flavour of HomeMy Profile

  6. Kids would actually enjoy this book – seems like a good one.

  7. hey! this looks interesting! perfect for bonding with my kids!

  8. I want this, my son loves to run and explore when we’re out so this is another way to remind him to hold my hands. πŸ™‚
    Michi recently posted…Purple Oven: White Chocolate SansrivalMy Profile

  9. Thanks for recommending..books with lessons are wonderful.
    Maricel recently posted…Blue and white polka dotMy Profile

  10. We need this book! Oh yes, my youngest refuses to hold our hand when we go out. Nakaka stress, haha!
    May Palacpac recently posted…RAVE Pasig Rainforest: Rainforest in the cityMy Profile

  11. It has interesting insights that kids can learn from and gives them an appreciation on why parents worry.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Pinoyfitness Sub 1 Challenge 2015My Profile

  12. I want to read this book πŸ™‚ how can i get it

    1. It’s available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Just click the links above. πŸ™‚
      Janice Lim recently posted…Celebrating #ZiggyTurns4My Profile

  13. Great that more books are there to support the plight of moms. I hope more guides such as these will get published.

  14. I’m super paranoid with Tristan when we’re out, so I can totally relate to this. Thankfully he has proven to be more responsible than I thought he was, so it’s easier now that he’s bigger.
    Patty | MrsC recently posted…End the R word.My Profile

  15. Rhyming words usually help the little boys memorize or pronounce the words correctly. πŸ™‚ Anyhow, I’m always strict when we’re out. I always tell them to hold my hands and never leave my side… But, it’s a practice for children to be independent when we’re outside, too. I want this book, promise! πŸ™‚
    Millie recently posted…Lancris Residences: Perfect Space for Modern Family #BetterLivingMy Profile

  16. Sounds like a good book. πŸ™‚ Very nice. I’d get one for the baby so we’d have new books to read.
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted…Let’s swim coz it’s summer!My Profile

  17. Rhymes are a good way to keep the kids interested in a story, the rhythm a rhyme gives keeps up the energy. I would love to read it because it is very relatable to all moms.
    phyliciamarie recently posted…USOplus: Trendy Pieces at the Push of a ButtonMy Profile

  18. I would like to check this out. Another book for my 4-year old to read.
    Que Sullano – Gavan recently posted…Century City Mall Eggventure Island 2015My Profile

  19. This is a good read for someone my son’s age. He is turning 9 this July, and while he’s still not like the boy in the book, I know sooner or later, he’ll try to do things on his own even when he’s not prepared for those yet.
    Maria Teresa Figuerres recently posted…Rufo’s Famous Tapa at Robinsons GalleriaMy Profile

    1. Wow, your son is 9 years old and yet he still doesn’t attempt to go off on this own. My son is only 4 years old but he’s always wandering off so we really have to keep close watch.
      Janice Lim recently posted…Celebrating #ZiggyTurns4My Profile

  20. How do you purchase books from Amazon? I got back into reading this vacation since I don’t have a lot of work to do but Booksale closed down at SM Pampanga and I don’t know where to find adorb books in affordable prices.
    theresa recently posted…Fashion Evolution: Art and Fashion with CompassionMy Profile

    1. Hi Theresa. I believe you just have to create and account. The instructions for purchasing will be provided to you on the site itself. πŸ™‚
      Janice Lim recently posted…Celebrating #ZiggyTurns4My Profile

  21. WOW! it amazing to note that there are e-books for kids…

  22. A poetic story from the point of view of a 6-year-old kid is something I would really like to read, love your review and will search for the book to check it out!
    Vanessa Ally recently posted…Easter Eggs Decoupage With Napkins 2015My Profile

  23. Aww! ang cute! My 2 kids love to read books! Mukhang mattuwa sila when I get them a copy of this one! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    Ruth recently posted…Baked Zucchini ChipsMy Profile

  24. It’s nice that we have book reviews like these. Sa dami ng books, ang hirap mamili πŸ™‚ book reviews are really helpful talaga.
    TweenselMom recently posted…Dining In at Dekada in Fairview TerracesMy Profile

  25. I lost my daughter Diana when we were at the grocery store. I felt so scared and cannot breathe. I am almost crying sa sandali na nawala talaga siya and let her hear my voice. And then I saw her crying and looking for me. Since then, I never bring along Yana without buddy tag kasi natrauma na ako and my two other boyshave it as well.

  26. looks like a cute little practical book πŸ™‚

  27. I hope they have a paperback or board book version. This looks like a good book to read πŸ™‚
    Ayi recently posted…How to Pay Real Property Tax in Quezon CityMy Profile

  28. This seems pretty apt for my 3 and a half who’s showing signs of independence. He likes to run around when we’re out, but I always explain to him that he has to stay close to mommy because there are bad people we don’t know who might grab him. I don’t sugarcoat these things. For me, they have to know these things early on.

  29. Yes we must take extra extra care when the kids are out. I for one really stress that Joaquin has to hold someone’s hand. This is a good read and a good guide for the kids. πŸ™‚
    Chinky Magtibay recently posted…Wiser about Finances and a Workshop InviteMy Profile

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