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It’s almost summer and for sure a lot of kids out there can’t wait to have their vacation from school. Personally though, I think that learning doesn’t stop just because summer is here.

Sure, summer should be fun and we should let our kids relax and enjoy. But, if you’re looking for summer classes that are not just fun but will also enhance your kids’ mathematics skills then check out Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Summer Programs.


You can nurture happy and confident Math achievers through the following programs.

Preschoolers four to six years old get the “Best Start to be Smart” in Math through our fun and hands-on activities.  Young kids develop a love and confidence for math  which they will carry with them throughout.

Grade school students struggling with Math word problems will get a boost with “Visual Thinking Math” where kids learn the fun and easy way to solve math word problems using Singapore’s proven effective bar model strategy.

Keep you kids one step ahead of everyone through Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Program for gradeschoolers.  This program teaches Math concepts and enhances analytical skills for all students.

Batch 1 — April 4 – 15

Batch 2 — April 18 – 29

Batch 3 — May 1 – 13

Batch 4 — May 16 – 27

To learn more about their program, do visit the Mathemagis website at www.mathemagis.com and Facebook page or visit any of their branches in Serendra (#833.7374), Makati (#556.5109), Katipunan (#225.6330), Timog Avenue (#261.1611) and SM Pasig (#209.8128).

You can also directly register online at http://bit.ly/1VF2nmV.

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  1. Thanks for you blog. As a mom , I’m constantly on the lookout for educational tools that help my 8 year old learn math, as she struggles with math. She takes well with the iPad though like most kids. A friend recently introduced me to Zap Zap Math.
    Some features in the app includes:-

    -engaging graphics, characters and game play, so she doesn’t realize how much she really learns when she’s engaged in “play”
    -the math practice worksheets are rich with a universe of educational content and it has new exciting math games added every 2 weeks.
    -it’s aligned with Common Core standards and learning modules. My girl gets her foundation right before progressing to higher levels. She’s addicted to getting higher scores.
    -I’ve also just signed up for the Virtual Assistant Keyboard at http://www.zapzapmath.com/user/signup, where I can easily keep track of her progress while she leanrs independently.

    Zap Zap Math can be downloaded across all device at http://www.zapzapmath.com/downloads. Hope you and your child find it useful as I have for my child.

  2. Math! One of my least favorite subjects but a must for kids.
    Louisa recently posted…Red Ribbon Introduces Bigger EnsaimadasMy Profile

    1. Yes, having good Math skills is really beneficial for kids and adults too. It wasn’t my least favorite subject back in the day but it also wasn’t one of my faves. 🙂
      Janice recently posted…Summer Is Extra Fun With The Learning Library (Summer Workshops 2016)My Profile

  3. Ooh! This looks fun and interesting. Maybe in the future when LO is a bit bigger na. 🙂
    Denice Diaz recently posted…Bohol Day 2: Hello Tagbilaran CityMy Profile

  4. It’s really impressive to see kids excel in Math and could answer those problems in just a few minutes or even seconds. And they don’t even use calculators. 🙂

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