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Have you taken your kids yet to KidZania Manila this summer? If you haven’t yet, take them there soon so that they can explore, discover, and learn not only how the real world works, but also how to take care of it by becoming good stewards of Mother Nature.

Two weeks ago, hubby and I got a chance to take Ziggy back to KidZania for our second time and we were introduced to their new Kids for a Greener World program. From April 8 to June 15, the program will introduce new activities to enable misters and misses, aged four to 14 years, to learn different ways to care for the environment and how their actions affect their natural surroundings.

In partnership with Century Tuna, Shell Philippines, and H&M Conscious, the “Kids for a Greener World” program will feature temporary activity areas that will highlight current water, air and land environment issues such as garbage, overfishing, and car emissions.

First up we saw the Shell Transportation Efficiency Center where misters and misses will learn how to effectively plan their routes, to efficiently use fuel and reduce air pollution through cleaner car emissions.


Next up we saw the Century Tuna Fish Market where kids will learn how to support sustainable seafood.


The day’s fish delivery will be given to the kids and they will be taught to identify which ones are sustainable. After grouping the fish together, they will deliver the fish orders to the Cooking School, the RightZKeepers’ House, and the Research and Development Center.


Kids will also learn how ordinary objects can be recycled to make something new at the H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop. For the activity, they need to bring an old shirt which they will put in a recycling box to simulate that the garment has been cut into strips. The Zupervisors will then distribute colored strips of cloth and teach the kids how to make fabric bracelets by braiding the strips together and personalizing these using fabric pens and ornaments.

photo courtesy of KidZania
photo courtesy of KidZania

As the RightZkeeper entrusted with the Right to Care, Vita also encourages the kids to take on different challenges that would show how much they care for the environment. One of the challenges is “Fish to Fork!” where the budding environment advocates must take a picture of themselves eating sustainable seafood.


To further create awareness on air and land environment issues, the kids can also take on the “Good Car-ma” challenge where they must take a picture of themselves carpooling, and the “Upcycle-Rama” task where misters and misses must have their parents or guardians take photos of them “upcycling” fabrics at home. Kids who complete Vita’s challenges can get exciting KidZania Manila premium items.

We also saw the new Vertical Garden.



Here, kids can learn a creative way of growing greenery by arranging plants for hanging in a vertical garden.

photo courtesy of KidZania
photo courtesy of KidZania

Remember, these new activities are available for a limited time only. So, take your kids to KidZania already soon!

Of course, there are plenty of other activities in KidZania that your kids can enjoy. Ziggy had a chance to try out seven activities this time around. Six out of the seven were activities he wasn’t able to try during our first time there.

Ziggy was able to make cookies at the Cream-O Cookie Factory. He decorated his own mamon at the Goldilocks Bakeshop. He learned how to deliver fruits and vegetables at the Farm House. He learned how to clean a car at the Shell Gas Station. He was able to lay pretend bricks at the Construction Site. He went grocery shopping at Healthy Options and he learned how to be a paramedic again at the Hospital Emergency Room.

There’s so much more to explore at KidZania! Let your kids spend the best summer ever at KidZania Manila by discovering how they can take care of the environment towards helping build a better world. The play city is open every day: Mondays to Thursdays (9AM-4PM); and Fridays to Sundays (9AM-2PM and 3-8PM). To book tickets and for more information, visit manila.kidzania.com.

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  1. Kidzania is one ride away from us! But, I haven’t taken my kids there. A bit pricey for me. But, I’m glad to know that they are teaching environmental consciousness! Never too early to learn.?

  2. I’ve been reading a lot about Kidzania. It looks really fun! The son is still super young to enjoy this, but I hope I get to bring him here someday 🙂
    Nina Sogue recently posted…Pamper Day at Posh NailsMy Profile

  3. My 7 year old loves Kidzania, were have been there twice. I personally love the Kidzania concept on teaching kids responsibility, belief in oneself… now consciousness and love of nature. Wonderful place and really recommended for kids.
    juvy ann recently posted…Babies Fashion First at SM MallMy Profile

  4. My 7 year old loves Kidzania, we have been there twice. I personally love the Kidzania concept on teaching kids responsibility, belief in oneself… now consciousness and love of nature. Wonderful place and really recommended for kids.
    juvy ann recently posted…Babies Fashion First at SM MallMy Profile

  5. I’ve been reading good reviews about KidZania however, the place is more conducive for 4years up. My son is still 2.8 years old and we were told that there are just about two activities that he can try at this stage. Might have to wait for a couple more years before I can take the little boy there 🙂
    Liz A recently posted…When Vanity Strikes: Service Awards BanquetMy Profile

  6. I am looking forward to the day that I could already bring my son to Kidzania. Kudos to them for coming up with a program for kids that will teach them to take care of our mother nature as well. 🙂
    Michelle recently posted…Who takes care of you, Momma?My Profile

  7. I’ve never brought my kids to Kidzania since they’re both super young. But as soon as they’re ready, I’d bring them there! I’m sure it’s really fun. 🙂
    Kim @ Mom On Duty recently posted…BELO Baby: Natural, Safe and Gentle Skin Care for KidsMy Profile

  8. sayang sayang sayang i missed this event! was really looking forward to it but got so busy with work 🙁
    Sarah Tirona recently posted…SCOSCHE CAR + GADGET SOLUTIONSMy Profile

  9. The last time we were there, we were able to try the H&M part where we got to make bracelets out of old fabric. Too bad we were not able to try the others as I had trouble convinving the boy that it’s worth doing. Haha!
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…Brotzeit Junior Chef at WorkMy Profile

    1. Awwww I had the same dilemma with my son. Haha!
      Janice recently posted…Orbik: On Energy Efficient Lighting SolutionsMy Profile

  10. Not yet and I’m dying to bring the kids there. If only I could drive alone. I still need my mom to bring us there and surely she would agree naman. Its just that she has such a busy schedule with all the involvement in Rotary meetings and church activities.

    1. Drive by myself, i mean. Ihihi

      1. I know what you mean! I can’t drive either. 🙁
        Janice recently posted…Orbik: On Energy Efficient Lighting SolutionsMy Profile

  11. Been there with my kids twice already and we always had a fun filled day! Ang galing talaga ng nakaisip nito. Real jobs come into life. The kids gaining the dignity of work. Hooray for the greener world!
    celin mendoza recently posted…My 3 Quick Gourdo’s FindsMy Profile

  12. Yay new installations to check out on our next visit!
    Rowena Wendy Lei recently posted…Milk Trade at Century City MallMy Profile

  13. For sure lalo pang dadame ang work sa Kidzania kapag pwede na ang twins ko.

  14. Too bad I had to miss that event! My Ykaie would have loved the activities.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Tried out the Breads from Boulangerie 22My Profile

  15. We went there last month for an event but my son is still young for the activities. We spent most of our time at Toddlers’ playroom and we still had so much fun.

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