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Decorating or renovating a child’s bedroom can take less than a day if all you do is slap some emulsion on the walls. If you want to create a fun space for your child to sleep, play and study, it is worth putting a bit more effort into the job. That way your child will want to spend time in there instead of taking over the living room while you are trying to watch TV.

Stripped Wooden Floors

Carpets are nice underfoot, but they are not always a good choice in a child’s bedroom. Kids have a habit of spilling drinks, paint, makeup and nail polish on their bedroom floor. In no time at all, the floor is ruined. A stripped wooden floor is practical and attractive. You can sand down the floor, varnish it and add a soft rug. If the wood is badly stained, use oxalic acid wood bleach from The Real Milk Paint Co..

Wall Décor

Plain walls are a bit boring for a kid’s room. A bright mural is a lot more fun. If you have artistic talent, have a go at creating a masterpiece on the wall. Draw out your design using chalk before filling it in with acrylic paint. Finish the mural off with a coat of clear varnish to protect it.

Pick a theme if you want to be really adventurous. For a jungle theme, paint the walls green and add a few jungle animals. For a space theme, start with a dark blue ceiling and paint stars using glow in the dark paint. Alternatively, how about an underwater theme? Paint fishes and sea creatures on a turquoise wall.

Another idea for decorating the walls is to use masking tape so you can paint vertical or horizontal lines. Alternatively, buy some decals of your child’s favorite character and stick them on the walls.

Blackboard paint is great for kids’ bedrooms. Paint part of a wall in blackboard paint and your child can have fun with chalks whenever he feels creative.

Fun Stencils

Let your child help you decorate the room. Older children can get creative with stencils, as they are easy to use. Younger children might like to help decorate the walls with handprints or sponge stamps. It will be messy, but they will have lots of fun!

Customize the Furniture

Plain furniture is very boring, so customize it using decorative paint effects. Wooden chests of drawers, cupboards and wardrobes are suitable for painting. Start off with a base color and then use paint effects or stencils, or paint each drawer a different color. You can use simple geometric shapes, flowers or anything you like – your child will love the end result.

Clever Storage

Build some simple wooden boxes, paint them in bright colors, and then fix them to the walls. They can be used for the storage of toys and books. Under-bed storage boxes are also useful for keeping toys out of the way.

Lastly, don’t forget to include a desk for schoolwork and creative activities.

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