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Which city is the world’s most liveable city? It seems to depend on who you ask. The lifestyle magazine Monocle seems to have a sweet spot for Tokyo, Japan. The Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Vienna, Italy as number one in a recent finding. But the city whose name is most often thrown about is neither in Asia nor Europe. According to the Economist Intelligent Unit, the Australian city of Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city. They came to this conclusion in the most recent ranking, in 2015. They came to the same solution in 2014. And in the three years before that, also.


Five years in a row? That’s an impressive feat. But what is it that makes Melbourne a city so pleasant that it’s gained so much renown around the world for it? Thousands of travelers are flying over to Melbourne to try to solve this mystery for themselves. With such findings, vacations to cities like New York City, Paris and London suddenly don’t seem as hot as they once did.

Of course, you may ask yourself how a vacation can get these findings across. After all, it was a judgment of the liveability of given cities. How can a vacation give you the experience of actually living in Melbourne? Well, if you’re eager to explore the place for yourself, then you may want to consider staying in short stay apartments in Melbourne instead of a hotel. It will feel pretty similar to actually living in Melbourne for however long your vacation is!

Here are some of the amazing things to do on a trip to Melbourne.

See one of the world’s most incredible art centres

Melbourne has an astonishingly vibrant art culture. Walking through it’s many alleyways you will see an incredible amount of street art. (Tasteful) graffiti is embraced in this city. You can’t walk anywhere without seeing amazing colors and drawings.


Of course, when people think about art in Melbourne, they usually think about The Arts Centre. It’s host to the best galleries and theatre pieces in the city. The building itself resembles the Eiffel Tower!

Visit one of the best botanical gardens in the world

When people think about visiting cities, they understandably have a very specific image of what the visit will be like. Lots of corporate buildings, massive crowds, shops everywhere. But some of the best parts of big cities are the places that don’t fit that description at all. Think of Central Park in NYC, for example.


In Melbourne, there’s the Royal Botanic Gardens. The amount of green space available here is astonishing, as is the diversity of gorgeous plants. It’s the perfect place to soak up some of that famous Australian sunshine.

Try some of the world’s best coffee

American cities like to make a big deal about the quality of their coffees. But very few of them actually have strong coffee cultures. The coffee in this town is famously rich and dark, with professionals people dedicating hours to finding the best coffee in town every week.


They also serve LSD in coffee shops in Melbourne. That stands for Latte of Soy and Dandelion by the way – a unique and refreshing drink, if a slightly strange one!

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