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Like any modern kids, our kids are tech users too. I let our five-year-old Ziggy use my Ipad every now and then. He also has an old Android phone that he gets to use only for YouTube. We regulate his use of technology though to make sure that all the apps he uses are kid-friendly and as much as possible, educational.

We’ve also been using technology to teach Ziggy his homeschool lessons. I find it very effective because he’s very kinesthetic so simply learning lessons from a book will not work. That’s exactly why I was really excited when I first learned about a couple of weeks ago.

Launching for the first time in the Philippines, Marbotic – tech toys with a soul, was designed by teaching experts and developed in France. They have to kinds – Smart Letters and Smart Numbers, which bring the best of physical and digital play together to stimulate creativity and imagination. Beautifully crafted, Montessori-inspired wooden letters and numbers interact with iPad tablets and 3 free educational apps to help children learn to read and write as well as count and calculate. Simply stamp the wooden pieces on the tablet’s screen, and let the magic happen!

We got our own box of Marbotic Smart Numbers a few days before Christmas and we had Ziggy try it out, of course. This is what you can find inside the box. There are interactive wooden numbers from 0 – 9 plus a small paper guide.

To be able to use these wooden numbers, you first have to download the accompanying apps. There are three apps that you can download via the App Store or through Google Play. These apps are free and easy to download although I discovered you can also upgrade to the premium version for a price.

Here are screen caps of the games/activities you can find in the apps. One app teaches kids how to count to 10.

There’s also an activity that teaches kids to form or build numbers and …..

count up to 100.


The third app helps kids learn to calculate, specifically addition and subtraction.


To use the apps, your child just has to simply stamp the tablet screen with a number and it will appear on it already. Here’s Ziggy playing with Smart Numbers.


What We Love About Marbotic Smart Numbers:

  • They’re very easy to use. Apps are easy to download.
  • The free apps already include several activities, which is more than enough for us. But you can upgrade if you want more.
  • The apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.
  • The activities have difficulty levels which can cater to young kids of various ages.
  • It’s a good tool to use to teach kids Math lessons. We especially find it useful because Ziggy is currently mastering simple addition and subtraction in his homeschool lessons. This makes learning Math fun for him. Learning addiction and subtraction is a lot easier because Marbotic made the process interactive, letting the kids actually see what it’s like to add and subtract.
  • The wooden numbers are gentle to your screen so you don’t need to worry that your tablet will get marks or scratches.

We really like this toy so much we wish to have the Marbotic Smart Letters too! I super love that moms like myself no longer have to feel guilty about letting our kids use technology. At least, not when they’re using Marbotic.

Marbotic Smart Numbers costs Php 2,995. To learn more about Marbotic Smart Numbers, see their contact information below:

Website: kidoozi.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +639178877959

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  1. Wow- this is a fun way to learn Math and other stuff. Surely kids will have hours of fun while learning.

  2. Seems very easy to use. Looks like the little man was enjoying as well. I have to admit too that my boys learned how to speak and recognize colors, numbers and shapes through playing and online games. This I have yet to try with my youngest though we still need to wait for a few more years.
    Berlin recently posted…MOMI REFLECTS| Lead like JesseMy Profile

  3. Hi Janice,

    Curious… how long do you let your boy “play” with the app and the materials which came with it? Do you see any improvement in his learning skills and/or upgrade in his learning styles by using this tool?


  4. A bit pricey but very interesting. Though my 2 yo knows his numbers and alphabets, there’s no harm in trying this one. Magpapaalam muna ako kay hubby to buy! Hahaha!

  5. Want to try this for my baby boy. Technology helps parents when it comes to teaching kids in an efficient and effective ways. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s a good thing I read your post Mommy Janice , I’m starting to teach Chelsea about numbers .
    Thank you for this post ?

  7. Looks very interesting. My daughter will surely love this! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Agree with Liz, a little pricey for me but really looks good as well! I think Nate would be interested to try this out! ♥
    Nilyn recently posted…2016 in a Nutshell: Our 5 P’s of 2016My Profile

  9. Kids nowadays are digitally wired. There is obviously no stopping technology from kicking in. As parents what we can do is help them choose wisely stuffs they watch and download.

  10. This is interesting! Fusion of tech and traditional toys are the thing these days. I hope to be able to try this for the kids too. I’m sure it’ll be fun and educational for them too!
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…Touring the World inside Liwanag Park 2016My Profile

  11. Wow this looks so high tech! Even kids nowadays are into gadgets. At least with this, they get to learn. 🙂

  12. The app looks nice and it seems like it can help us teach kids a lot.
    Nerisa recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

  13. Uy bago to ah! Hindi na nawawalan ng mga technologies ngaun on how to learn new things ano? Swerte ng mga kids these days!

  14. Oh wow, how cute!!! It’s not just your typical pindot-pindot sa iPad. Truly great for kinaesthetic learners!
    MomsterTeacher recently posted…The year that was, and the year that will beMy Profile

  15. This is a fun new way of learning! Kinesthetic learners will definitely learn fast with this. Unfortunately, for beginner learners lang pala as I’ve checked on their website.

  16. Wow! Super cute, it’s interesting and fun. A little bit pricey nga lang pero it’s really good for kids, playing plus learning!

  17. I a currently teaching my eldest how to add and subtract, although I use the wooden toys lang with abacus :)) I better check this out 🙂

  18. Waaah, it’s a little pricey but it looks a lot of fun to use to teach counting and Math. Yeah, Marbotic letters sounds good, but since there’ll be more, baka mas pricey, hihi.
    May Palacpac recently posted…Planning our trip to Malaysia via eGetinzzMy Profile

  19. Nice, I’ve just seen this toy with one of my long-time friends and I thought it was just the regular kind of number-matching toys, Hi-tech pala!

  20. Hi-tech na talaga ngayon, mommies! It’s easier and much more fun to teach kids. I’d have to invest on this for my baby boy who wishes to go to school na at the age of 3. 🙂

  21. The description “tech toys with a soul” piqued my curiosity. They’re quite expensive, but they sure look fun to play with.
    Maria Teresa Figuerres recently posted…Travel Leisurely with eGetinnz!My Profile

  22. Wow! Ang cool na talaga ng mga gadgets nowadays. My son, at 20 months old now, knows how to count from 1-10. And he recognizes letters A-Z. Thanks to nursery rhymes sa YT kids. Pero syempre kailangan lang talaga regulated ang paggamit nila ng gadgets. Good thing, may toys na like Marbotic. Ang smart na talaga ng mga gadgets nowadays, at ang galing ng developers.. Pati learning activities naiincorporate na nila sa inventions nila.

  23. Quite pricey for my budget but I will have to keep this in mind for the little boy once we start with numbers. I hope this will be more available in the market by then at a lower cost. 🙂

  24. This is a good app. At least kids get to play with actual toys or manipulatives and not just use the gadget. I limit gadget time with my eldest as much as I can.

  25. That was cute! Sooner i’ll be needing that for my upcoming baby and i can’t wait to teach numbers and alphabets once more! 🙂

  26. Wow thanks for sharing this Mommy. I really need educational apps to introduce to my little ones…

  27. This is really good! I now have an idea of what to give to my inaanaks. Kids really enjoy toys more than anything and I think this one from Marbotic is perfect!

  28. looks like a cool app to teach kids about numbers. I’ll recommend this to my sister-in-law nga.

  29. What a cool toy and app! It incorporates hardware and software to teach kids about numbers.

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