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I have two teenage daughters, Zoe and Ziya, who are 15 and 14 years old, respectively. They are great girls but like most kids their age they are plagued with some insecurities about how they look. This has a lot to do with what they see and hear from other kids their age, as well as the media and society in general. It reminds me of my own insecurities back when I was their age and my old concept of #RealBeauty.

I started high school at 12 years old. I was a new student in an exclusive all-girls school. Up until then I had only gone to school with both boys and girls so being with just girls was so intimidating for me. The fact that I was one of the smallest girls in my class and still had a child’s body shape didn’t help. I was pretty smart too which didn’t exactly make me popular with the cool crowd. I started comparing myself to other girls, who I thought were prettier because they were taller, already had a woman’s body and had the coolest friends. I wanted to be them.

It took college to make me realize that what I thought was beautiful wasn’t the only kind of beautiful. By that time, I had grown taller and had a pretty good body that others envied. But more than that I had become more self-confident in my talents and my abilities. I had learned to accept my flaws and love myself for all that I was and all that I wasn’t. College opened up my eyes to the world and made me realize that my old concept of beauty was superficial.

The truth is, real beauty is everywhere, in everything and in all of us.

I was reminded of all that when I received this big white box with my name on it. The box was a gift from Dove. I was so excited to open it.

Upon opening the box, I saw this big message on the inside cover and it pretty much reflects how I see beauty now.

It’s such a powerful message for all women. I especially wish to impart this message to my own daughters to make them realize that they are beautiful in their own right. They, too, have great qualities and talents they can share to the world.

This is not to say though that we should not care about our physical appearance. Of course, we have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of our appearance too. We have to make sure we are physically healthy and that we look our best when we present ourselves to the world. Making sure we look good also gives us self-confidence. However, we should not go over board with it and strive for perfection. Instead, we should embrace our flaws and just try to enhance what’s already inherently beautiful in us.

It is only when we focus on what’s already beautiful in ourselves that we learn not just to accept but to love ourselves for everything we are. And when we do that, we also learn to appreciate the beauty in others.

So, if you’re reading this and still feeling insecure about yourself, remember that you are beautiful too. There’s no need to keep comparing yourself to others. Go out into the world and be your own kind of beautiful.

Learn more about the Dove’s #RealBeauty campaign and visit www.dove.ph.

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  1. #RealBeauty comes when we embrace our flaws and find beauty in it. <3

  2. I like the commercial ad of Dove. This is a good reminder to all women that we should love our own beauty. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
    Michi recently posted…That Thing Called “Silent Stones”My Profile

  3. I think it’s great that Dove has this campaign.It is important for women to recognize that beauty doesn’t come in one box.It comes in many colors, sizes and personalities.

  4. I love how Dove uplifts the confidence of girls and tell them to be confidently beautiful. I also agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that we need to embrace our flaws to see the real beauty from within.
    berlin domingo recently posted…MOMI LEARNS| Humility and perseveranceMy Profile

  5. Real beauty comes from within. Actually, having a happy disposition and smiling a lot makes one beautiful. 🙂
    Edel recently posted…Getting To Know the Members of Chan – Lim Family of ArtistsMy Profile

  6. God’s creations are beautiful. We just need to take care of what He has blessed us with. Embracing our own kind of beautiful is important, especially when we have daughters.

  7. We’re all born unique. And I think it’s a stage of life talaga wherein we do feel insecure about how we appear and how other people perceive us. I’ve also gone through that awkward stage as a teenager. Naka-salamin kasi ako and negneg pa. Hahaha! But I was able to overcome that feeling when I started to learn to take care of myself and my skin. And btw, Dove is an awesome product! I love all their product varieties from soap to shampoos – they’re all great!
    Michelle recently posted…My Pestorrific Tuna Pasta Holiday Recipe with Contadina + GiveawayMy Profile

  8. I love all the dove ads. They portray happiness, confidence, love and beauty. I believe that attitude and character of a person reflect the true beauty of a person.

  9. I can’t believe your girls are teenagers already! Ang naaalala ko, bata pa sila. XD Anyway- we all need this reminder every now and then!
    Kim @ Mom On Duty recently posted…A Quick Escape at Kabayan Beach Resort Laiya, BatangasMy Profile

  10. This is a great campaign from Dove, and I like how they launched it just right after Ms.Universe. The lengths as to which we try to attain the standardized beauty we see in TVs is tiring. We really have to be reminded that to each of our own, we are beautiful.

  11. I can relate! High school… The days when there are these group of cool kids! Hahaha! I tried to be cool too but that didn’t really work out! Hahaha! College made me love myself more. I saw that I am beautiful even if I don’t have the perfect body and skin and all that shit. I was finally myself. Hehe! I really love this campaign of Dove 🙂
    Coi recently posted…OPPO F1S: Travel EssentialsMy Profile

  12. To be honest, sometimes I feel terrible with how I look- I would often take a glance at the mirror and would not want the reflection that I see. It could be that I am feeling this way since I am in what they call ‘mid-life’ crisis. Oh well, hormones in women can play and mess up the mind and emotions. Glad that we’ve got Dove to make us feel beautiful for what we really are. I only use Dove for my (damaged) hair and dry skin- I admit that Dove products are exceptionally good in maintaining our natural beauty. So after taking a bath with Dove, I look again in the mirror and say ” I am confidently beautiful with a heart”. ( yes I do that-really)
    Macy Santos recently posted…BEST Center: Brings Out the Best in Kids through SportsMy Profile

  13. This is a beautiful reminder. Honestly, I have insecurities before, and still recovering right from this moment. I think because my mother always compare us to others. She’d tell us others’ stories to inspire us, but turned out to be more of not recognizing our own uniqueness and capabilities.

    Now, my job is to make sure that my children will not suffer from insecurities and celebrate their own unique ways. ?
    EINz recently posted…Enjoy Designers at your Fingertips at StyleWeMy Profile

  14. I salute Dove for this advocacy. Women must learn to love and value themselves and not be affected by media/society branding.
    Juvy ann recently posted…Glam Party for Nanay’s 93rd BirthdayMy Profile

  15. Sometimes, the media sets a standard of beauty, when in fact, beauty is everywhere. This is why others feel like they’re not their best or they’re not beautiful at all, because of media standard. I watched Dove’s ad about this and I really like it. I am a Dove user and I am happy that the brand I am patronizing is doing this campaign.
    Above Precious Rubies recently posted…Restore Unto me the Joy of Writing…My Profile

  16. I live Dove. It helps moisturize my face. It’s one of the very few brands I allow to touch my face. Not because I’m pick but because my fave is too dry and using other brands make it worse. 😉
    Gilian recently posted…Colourpop, Kylie, and Online Shops in JeddahMy Profile

  17. I like Dove body wash and soap. It really has that moisturizing effect that it promises on TVC. kakatuwa.
    Nerisa recently posted…Blac Chyna Shares a Charming Photo with King Cairo and Dream in a Family PortraitMy Profile

  18. I agree with you that we should not go overboard to be physically perfect. Real beauty for me is beyond physical looks. Good job in teaching your daughters not to be pressured in following what society’s standard of beautiful is. They should embrace what they have and cherish it.
    Mommy Levy recently posted…Special Parenting: Double the Hardships, Double the RewardsMy Profile

  19. I salute Dove for this campaign. Lahat naman ata na campaign nila is about self love which is very important. My 5yo would sometimes tell me her classmates would tease her about her curly hair. Ugh. I know that wasn’t the end of it. I just need to make sure my kids know their worth.
    Jhanis recently posted…Spring Rolls – Vegetable Lumpia RecipeMy Profile

  20. I really LOVE DOVE! I really believe in this brand. And with their continuous campaign of empowering women, they are also able to gain my respect! 🙂

  21. I’ve always been loyal to Dove.
    Alaine recently posted…Fantastic Scents And Where To Buy ThemMy Profile

  22. i am beautiful no matter what they say
    hahahah charot
    but i really love dove
    lariza recently posted…Uberhop your way to Megaworld Lifestye MallsMy Profile

  23. Beauty comes in different forms. We all have this idea of “beautiful” but at the end of the day, what matters most is how we feel about ourselves and the positive attitude we pass on to our kids 🙂
    Ayi recently posted…{PR} #2017TravelBucketlist: Things to Consider While Planning Your Next Trip by TRAVELPROSMy Profile

  24. I agree, everyone is beautiful in their own way and there is no one universal standard for beauty. 🙂
    Rowena Wendy Lei recently posted…Celebrating Beauty at Robinsons Department Store!My Profile

  25. What a lovely gift you got there from Dove! I love Dove! Its very soft on the skin and the scents of their soaps are just so amazing! 🙂

  26. They said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That may be true but then at the end of the day, what matters is how we see our own selves. If we believe we are beautiful, it will radiate. 🙂
    Liz A recently posted…The Control-Freak Has Migrated!My Profile

  27. I love love Dove’s latest advertisement campaign. That actually moved me more than the recent ad campaigns for Valentine’s Day lol! Seriously though, it also took me a while to realise that I am my own kind of beautiful and that is a great thing!
    Maan recently posted…5 Reasons Why WAHMs Must Take Kulitan Breaks With Their KidsMy Profile

  28. I think all of us have our insecurities at one point or another. Even celebs, diba? It does take time and a good support group to help us accept and embrace our true beauty. Kudos to Dove for empowering women all over with their advocacy.
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…Vecirin, the Daily Gentle CleanserMy Profile

  29. I’ve always loved this brand. It speaks of the truth and embraces the fact that each person is unique. Really good campaign too!

  30. I like Dove’s advocacy! Making every woman feel that she’s beautiful in her own right truly empowers the female sectors of society to embrace and love who they are.
    Maria Teresa Figuerres recently posted…Post-Birthday Dinner at Rue Bourbon Bar & RestaurantMy Profile

  31. Sa dami ng makeups and pampaganda, mahirap paring maging feeling beautiful if you are insecured within. I always believe with inner beauty. It will always start with inner self confidence.
    TweenselMom recently posted…Maynilad Daloy Dunong Educational Tour – Higit Sa Tubig Na Serbisyo Ng MayniladMy Profile

  32. I lovehow Dove make a personalized Box. I think that is so sweet to received something then may name mo mismo. I’m a Dove user since college days

  33. Love using Dove especially their soap, so moisturizing

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