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The job market in the accounting and finance industry is both large and complex. The vast number of companies, types of positions, openings and candidates can make it challenging to navigate for job seekers and hiring managers alike. By working with Beacon resources, chaos is eliminated and a great deal of time and effort is saved. They use first-hand knowledge of the industry to develop a deep understanding of the needs of client companies and get to know candidates far beyond what a resume would show. That results in insightful and efficient matching of the two for an ideal fit.

What Job Seekers Can Expect

 Accounting and finance professionals seeking new employment opportunities can expect to work with a recruiter that has valuable expertise and understanding from their field. Members of the Beacon team will be interested in learning more than a candidate’s skills and experience, spending additional time to understand his or her personality, career goals and ideal work culture. A Beacon candidate can be confident that any interviews secured for them are with companies that fit what they’re looking for.

What Hiring Managers and Companies Can Expect

 When considering the options of finance staffing agencies in Los Angeles, hiring managers need a partner that understands their world and the specific type of experience they’re looking for. The Beacon team uses a specific “Review, Present, Placement” methodology that delivers real results. The review involves learning the details of the job and additional nuances that would exist in the ideal candidate. Their next step is to present only the top candidates and help with interview scheduling and follow-up. The final step is assisting with the placement through the offer process and following up on an ongoing basis after hire.

Extraordinary Results, Extraordinary Relationships

The Beacon team’s vast network and best-in-class methods come from years of developing extraordinary relationships throughout the finance industry. Working with Beacon Resources is working with a team who know that is the only way to deliver the extraordinary results that their clients deserve.

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