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Our family loves educational toys and materials especially since they provide us with a fun way to homeschool our son, Ziggy. So when Kidoozi emailed me asking if I’m willing to try some of their educational materials, of course I said yes. The first one we got to try is the 3D Augmented Reality PopUp Cards by EVO.

Let me tell you about Kidoozi first though.


Kidoozi was born in 2017 to two busy, millennial moms with a shared purpose of making shopping for kids a little less hard and a lot more fun. They wanted to give parents easy access to the best global and local brands for kids aged 0 to 12, all on a simple and convenient online shopping platform.

I have browsed their site and was impressed by their range of premium, well-curated, and extraordinary brands and products in several categories, including Sleep, Eat, Play & Learn, Travel, Bath, Potty, Health & Safety, Wear and even Maternity. They are currently servicing everywhere in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.

3D Augmented Reality PopUp Cards

Kidoozi sent over a few of their products with the 3D Augmented Reality PopUp Cards being one of them.

The 3D Augmented Reality PopUp Cards is a set of 50 colorful and sturdy 3D augmented reality flash cards that are the perfect educational and teaching tools for children starting to learn about animals. This can be used by kids ages 2 years old and above. Here is what’s inside the box.

There’s a very helpful user guide included in the box. There are 10 cards each for 5 animal categories, namely Dinosaurs, Safari Animals, Bugs, Sea Animals, and Birds. On the front of the card is just one photo of the animal, which you will use to scan, and the name of the said animal.

At the back of each card are more info about the animal, including their size, their typical food, as well as the different kinds of the said animal.

To use these cards, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the app for free in Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
  2. Run the app and use your gadget to scan a card through your device camera.
  3. You will see 3D animals coming to life!

The user interface is very simple to understand. I had my six-year-old son, Ziggy, use it and he was immediately able to do so with minimal help from me.

You can make the animals move all over the screen. You’ll be able to hear the animal sounds.

You can make them eat.

You can also zoom in and out to look at their entire body from all angles.

You can check their size.

You can even take a photo.

Our Review:

We love that the app is free for both iOS and Android. However, I had a bit of trouble making it work on my iPad mini. So, instead we used it with my Android phone and it worked perfectly.

Initially, there were a few times that scanning took a while before the 3D animals appeared. But I think that was because of slow Internet connection. We tried it again when we finally got a faster Internet connection and the 3D animals immediately appeared.

We love how true to life the animal sounds are. You can even hear the sound of the birds’ wings flap, for example. My son really loved seeing the animals move all over the place. Controlling their movements was very easy.

It was also cool to discover what types of food each animals eat. This was especially interesting to my son because he’s learning about carnivores and herbivores right now in our homeschool. You actually see food appear and watch the animal eat it up.

I find it extra helpful to be able to learn how big an animal is because it is compared with a typical object like a ball or a bus. This makes it easier for a kid to imagine just how big the animal is.

The additional information at the back of the card was also very useful. Kids can already learn something about the animal even without using the app.

Overall, I definitely think this is a fun, educational tool for kids. While they can learn about animals by simply reading books or searching online, the 3D augmented reality aspect of this tool is really what makes the experience a lot more fun and engaging for kids. It’s definitely a great addition to our collection of educational materials for our homeschool.

In our home, we limit the use of gadgets for our son because we don’t want him to get addicted to them. As much as possible, we try to let him use only good quality educational apps and this one fits the bill. I can leave him to use it on his own and I won’t need to worry about it. I’m even excited for our baby to start using it too when he’s old enough.

To learn more about the 3D Augmented Reality PopUp Cards and Kidoozi’s other products, visit www.kidoozi.com. You can also follow Kidoozi on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for my upcoming reviews on the other educational tools that we received from Kidoozi!

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  1. Kids are lucky now because there are so many educational materials that will help them in learning new things. My husband bought an educational toy that needs an app too so his superhero can move. It is like making his own superhero story.

  2. This educational toy is very nice. Kids nowadays are very lucky because there are a lot of new innovations to help them learn and these innovations are more creative than what we had before. Just a question though, ang ganda kasi ng book na ito… isnt this expensive?

  3. Napa-wow ako! When I was still a kid, my mama (who’s also a teacher in an elementary school) would only use flash cards and those good old posters attached to the wall when she wants us to learn ABAKADA, ABC’s or numbers. But look at the kids now. My son who’s 2 years of age is really good at ABCs and counting numbers, all thanks to the advancement of technology. And now there are this 3d augmented popup cards na! Your homeschooling journey with your son is made even more fun. Cool!
    Michelle recently posted…Hakab Na! 2017 | The Global Big Latch OnMy Profile

  4. This is so interesting. I wonder if my little man could play and understand the mechanics already. But this is a good way to facilitate learning.

  5. Kids nowadays need more interesting ways to learn. This educational toy is a good idea for helping kids learn in a fun way.

  6. Aw this is really nice and interactive! I think Nate would be interested in trying it out, very educational. ♥ I wonder how much this costs?
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…REAL TALK: Bakit ‘di Ka Pinapautang ng Kakilala Mo?My Profile

  7. Wow, ang galing! My kids would’ve loved this but we’re trying to lessen the gadgets time for now mainly because we need to make them rest their eyes longer.

  8. Kids are really lucky today to experience all these innovations. This is another helpful learning materials for parents. Very interactive. Though there’s a gadget scare, we can limit naman the gadget hours per day, or like kami we only allow our son to use a gadget on Saturdays. During weekdays after school, I encourage him to play and read books.
    Mommy Maye recently posted…Part 2: Matthew Andrei’s Babababababanana Party At HomeMy Profile

  9. How cool is that! Kids would surely be delighted to have this, especially that it has awesome sound effects. They learn while having fun.
    Rochelle recently posted…Making money through the Internet – How attainable is it for Filipinos?My Profile

  10. We also have this but we haven’t used it pa. But because of your review, napadownload na ako nung app heheheh. Hope my son likes it.
    Mommy Rockin’ In Style recently posted…Give Baby the Best Possible Care Through The Science of LoveMy Profile

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