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Several weeks ago, I blogged about the stickers sent to me by Miss Karramel. Miss Karramel is a local shop that sells planner stickers (but they ships worldwide too!). I mentioned that I’m one of their PR girls right now and I help promote their stickers. Well, guess what? I just got my August PR kit a couple of days ago and I’m so excited to show the contents to you.

As usual, the stickers were packaged nicely in the standard Miss Karramel sticker folder. I noticed that the folder is slightly bigger now though, probably due to some of the other sticker sheets being wider as well. Here’s my PR sticker kit for August.

If I was happy with my first kit, I’m even happier with this one. One big reason is the Cut-it-Yourself bookmark printed inside the sticker folder, as you can see more clearly below. Isn’t it cute? I’ve been obsessed with bookmarks and page markers recently, so this one is such a welcome addition to my growing collection.

Another thing I’m over the moon about are the fall-themed stickers and die cuts. I know there’s no fall season here in our country, but that’s not stopping me from decorating my planner for fall! On the photo below, you can see the Pichi Halloween stickers on the left and the Pichi Fall/ Autumn Stickers in the middle. The one of the right is a Pichi Planner Essentials sheet. They’re all so cute, right? Below the stickers is a Pichi Halloween Die Cut sticker, which is actually part of a bundle of 5.

Below are more stickers, from Miss Karramel’s regular collection. Two of them are Karra stickers. The one of top is a Karra – Couple Love Hug sheet while the one below that is a Karra – Rainy Day Weather sheet, perfect for the weather lately!

The rest of the stickers above, apart from the small samplers, are Pichi stickers. They are as follows: Pichi – Time to Plan, Pichi – Blank Reminder, Pichi – Paper Clip, Bookmark Clip Love and Pichi – Write, Doodle Stickers.

If you want to see how I use these stickers and die cuts in my planner, do check out my hobby Instagram account, @planningforpleasure. My planner pages will be extra cute will all these Miss Karramel stickers!

Do get your own too! You can purchase these goodies on Miss Karramel’s Etsy store (her website is still not ready as of the moment). Don’t forget to use my code: JANICE when you purchase so that you can get 15% off, no minimum spend.

Happy planning guys!

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  1. Our girls would love these stickers! We’ll definitely check out your Instagram. Planning is never our strong skill. Thank you.

  2. So cute! You can use them as deco for your phone covers and purse 🙂
    How many designs do they have?

  3. Those are cute stickers! I like to collect cute things. But for now, I am more on notebook collecting.

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