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Working at home is ideal for busy moms who cannot commit to the typical 9-5 job. Not only does running a business in your own home give you some extra cash, but it is also great for getting back into a business role and doing something for yourself. Just because you are a busy mom, it does not mean you have to feel guilty about wanting to work. These three work-at-home jobs are perfect for moms.

Eyelash Professional

Although hair and beauty, including false tanning, are very popular with the work-at-home population, many beauticians have a mixture of talents, rather than honing their skills on one. Learning how to apply lashes professionally is a great skill to have and one that will attract many customers. Other busy moms may not have time to apply makeup every day, but with the help of individual lashes that can last for weeks, they can look amazing in a hurry.

Purchasing the highest quality eyelash extension supplies such as these from The Lash Professional will provide your new customers with luxurious lashes that will last and last. They also provide training for anyone who wants to get into this industry and will support you with any questions you may have.


Becoming a freelance writer gives you the opportunity to work when you want and do as much as you want. This being said, it can be hard to break into the writing community and you need to have good English Language skills and the ability to type quickly if you want a lot of work. There are many websites in which you can try to break the market, such as Fiverr. You may also come across an American-based company who are supplying for work from home telecommuters. Whilst you may think this is a 9 to 5 job, as long as you have submitted your work before the deadline, you can work at whichever hours suit you.


If you are already a mom, who better qualified to look after children than yourself? If you used to work in a childcare background such as in a pre-school or college, this job is well suited to you. You can provide home daycare for busy moms like yourself who are working in the daytime or after school. This is a great way to earn extra income whilst staying at home. If your children are at school during the day, this is the perfect time to help another mom look after their young child whilst they go to work, or you may want to offer an after-school club in your home for moms who do not finish early enough to pick up their children from school. This also gives your children the chance to meet new friends and socialize.

These are just three of the great work-at-home jobs that are available as a busy mom. If you enjoy looking after children, childcare may be a good option for you, or if you want some adult time, becoming a lash professional may be more suited to you.

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  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of a childcare business for sometime now. I feel that i’m pretty good at it, but I’m not sure if it will fly in our country or if parents are ready for this.

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