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A few days ago, I blogged about winning the Sex and Sensibilities.com Dreams Contest. Click here to read my post. Well, we finally had the awarding ceremony earlier today at The Body Shop in Glorietta. I was really excited because, first of all, I was one of the twenty (20) winners chosen out of almost 300 entries and second, it was my first time to join a contest online. I wasn’t really expecting to win but I did!

It was a really a nice event hosted by Ana Santos, Founder and Editorial Director of Sex and Sensibilities.com. I really believe in her cause. I agree with her when she said that there is still a huge need for relevant information on sexual health, especially for women  like us. With the right information, we can definitely protect ourselves better and make better choices. This is exactly why she founded Sex and Sensibilities.com. The website is actually a dream come true for her and it is already turning one, which is the reason why she had this contest in the first place.

Aside from her talk, Darlyn Ty, creator of the Belle du Jour planner, also gave an inspirational talk on how she first started her planner business and how it became the success that it is today. It was really nice to have her there since I really love Belle du Jour. I’ve been using it since last year and actually already have the 2011 version, which Kai gave to me last Christmas. It was still nice to get another one as a prize though. I plan to give it to Kai’s sister, Cris. 

All of us winners also got a chance to share what our dreams are for 2011 and that was really, really nice. It was an experience that not only inspired me but also served as a venue for me to meet new people, such as Abigail and Stacy, my table-mates. Hopefully, all of our dreams will come true.

(L-R: Abigail, Stacy, Me and Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities.com)

I actually shared two dreams of mine. First was to become a professional writer and second is to have a business of my own. It was a good thing I joined this contest and attended the event. It really gave me an extra boost to pursue those dreams and I just might have found a new possible mentor in Ana, being a writer herself. Incidentally, I’ve started getting some writing assignments too from the other leads I found online. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out well for me.

What are your dreams for 2011?

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