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My friend Jem has finally given birth last Thursday, January 20 to a bouncing baby girl they named Chloe Janine! 

I am beyond thrilled for her since this is her first baby girl. Her firstborn is a boy named, JT, who’s now a proud Kuya to his little sister. Learning that Chloe turned out fine was really a huge relieve for all of us knowing that Jem went thru so much with the pregnancy. She has been on strict bed rest for months. Imagine the horror! She also went thru so many tests and stuff because of her delicate condition, not to mention two false labors. It was certainly a super expensive pregnancy for my friend but it’s all worth it since Chloe turned out healthy and just so cute!

Congratulations to Mommy Jem, Daddy Joey and Kuya JT! Best wishes to your little one. 

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