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My Ziya has turned 8 last January 2. My gosh, how time flies. Makes me reminisce about the time I gave birth to her, especially since I’ll be giving birth again in a matter of weeks! My baby is soon gonna be a lady and I can’t help but worry about that. 

Anyway, we celebrated her birthday at Enchanted Kingdom. She’s been a really good girl this past year and deserved a real treat. Not to compare, but between her and Zoe, Ziya’s the more “malambing”one, always asking me if I need any help or if she can do anything for me. She actually helps massage lotion all over my body when I became pregnant with Ziggy. Also, when I was on bed rest, she always checked on me, giving me water even if I didn’t ask for it. She’s a proud mommy’s helper.

On her birthday, we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom around 430 pm. I wanted to go there when the sun wasn’t hot anymore and I wanted to them to see the beautiful lights there at night. For a family that has a tight budget, I really think the trip was worth it. The kids enjoyed the rides they went on. It has been a while since their last trip to EK. Ziya was scared to ride the bumper cars at first but we coaxed her into doing it with Zoe. It was their first time alone on the bumper cars and they loved it! The most fun for me though was the Carousel, mainly because that was the only thing I was allowed to ride because I’m preggy, hahaha….but also because all four us rode together and that was really, really nice. Here are some of our photos.

Ziya at the Carousel

Aside from the rides, we were also able to see the Christmas show and the fireworks display. It was a good birthday celebration and a good start to the new year. It was just too bad that Charice Pempengco’s free concert in EK wasn’t scheduled on that day. It will be on Sunday, January 9. For more information about the concert or anything regarding EK, visit their new website at http://new.enchantedkingdom.ph.

Spread the love

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