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It’s Sunday night and I’ve never enjoyed Sunday this much over the last four months. You see, I’ve been working and working and working these past months because I’ve been blessed with clients. The thing is, I was so excited about the prospect of earning more that I kinda lost track of why I became a WAHM in the first place. It reached a point where I was working on weekends as well that I ended up not focusing on my family anymore during those days.


Of course, when it was all happening I was aware of it. I was aware but at the same time I tried to convince myself that everything will get better in time. I tried to convince myself that my hubby and kids would understand, that I didn’t mind losing time for them because I was doing it to earn money for them, that I didn’t feel tired, that I didn’t feel frustrated and unhappy that I didn’t have time anymore to do things that I love to do. But the truth was, I did mind. I just didn’t verbalize it.


But I guess, God knew. God saw what was in my heart and mind and so He found a way to give me what I needed – a chance to scale back and re-evaluate my goals as a WAHM. Starting today, I’ll have less work and more time for myself and my family. It means less income, of course, but I trust that God will still provide us with what we need when we need it. For now, I’m trying to get back to my main reason for being a WAHM – my family.


Today is the start of the change. Yesterday, a Saturday, was my last day of work for two of my clients. Instead of feeling worried about how much our income will be affected, I felt relieved. I could hardly wait for the day to end. Freedom felt so close, I could taste it. I’ve been feeling so exhausted that I didn’t realize I fell asleep right after lunch and only woke up at dinner time!


Today, I celebrated the change. After breakfast with the in-laws, hubby and I took the kids to hear mass then had lunch with the in-laws again. But after that, we spent time together, just the five of us. I had grand plans of going to Tagaytay but Ziggy wasn’t feeling 100% okay so we ended up at the mall instead. I didn’t mind. What matters most was that I could finally go out on a weekend without worrying about the work that I will still have to do when I get home. Finally, I got to be PRESENT for these three kiddos.


Agave 2


Hubby and I took them shopping (a little). Then we took them to watch the latest Disney movie, Planes, which Ziggy had been wanting to watch. For the first time, Ziggy was actually quite behaved while watching a movie in the theater. Hooray! After that, it was time for dinner and we ended up in Agave. I’ve been missing Mexican food and I’ve never tried Agave before so it was a real treat.


Hubby ordered this big burrito (on the left) while Zoe and I shared a huge plate of Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas. Both were so yummy! Oh my gosh, it was so worth it.

Agave 1


Ziggy had a kiddie size Grilled Chicken Pizza while Ziya had a kiddie size Cheeseburger with a side of fries.

Agave 4


We were so full, to say the least! Anyway, one of Agave’s staff asked us to pose for a family pic. She said they’ll post it on their Facebook page. We obliged, of course! Haha! We went ahead and asked her to take another shot on our camera too.

Agave 3


I don’t remember the last time we took a family photo. I think it was way back last April when we had our beach vacation at Canyon Cove. So long ago! Goes to show you the extent of how I’ve been missing out on capturing our “moments”. Well, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve learned what my limits are.


Moving forward, I know which types of clients and projects to choose. I hope I never lose track again of why I became a WAHM. If I make that mistake again, remind me, would you? For now, I’ll be enjoying my weekends.

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