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Let me just start this by saying that I LOVE planners. Okay, that’s the OC in me talking. But it’s true. I’ve been using planners since high school and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. That was when my quest for the perfect planner began.


The thing is, every year I search for the perfect planner. I haven’t always been successful. It seems that my requirements for the perfect planner changes with each season in my life. So, I’ve been known to change planner brands over the years. However, there’s one brand I keep going back to for the past four years and that is the Belle de Jour Power Planner.


I love the Belle de Jour Power Planner because it appeals to that girly side of me and really inspires you to live life to the fullest. The planners are cute and very useful. Plus, they’re chock full of interesting articles AND discount coupons from partner establishments. It comes with a BDJ Lifestyle Card too! If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’d have encountered a blog post or two of my past BDJ planners.


I’ve been a fan of BDJ planners for years now and so imagine how surprised and thrilled I was when BDJ emailed me saying they’ll be sending me a complimentary BDJ planner just for supporting them. I was so happy! I was ready to purchase a planner for 2014 already when I got the email. So, the message came just in time.


What’s really great though is that they allowed me to choose from the whole BDJ line of planners. My initial choice was still the BDJ Power Planner but changed my mind when I saw this other planner of theirs called the Everything is Possible planner. It sounded like the perfect one for me at this moment in my life because I’m claiming 2014 to be the year that I will “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. So I have chosen to #Jumpstart2014 with the Everything is Possible planner.



Here’s what the Everything is Possible planner is all about:


Everything Is Possible is a tribute to the talented and creative people surrounding us who help us do what we love and who remind us to keep at it! We hope everything is possible influences you to simplify your life – to make simple goals, and to take one step closer towards each of them every single day. It is our humble goal to instill in you a sense of what you need to live the life you want: to be mindful of anything, big or small, as a real possibility. With patience and positivity, we will all get there.

One of the symbols used throughout this planner are the braille characters for the word “POSSIBLE”. We all have imperfections, failures and weaknesses, but these should never keep us from making our best life a real possibility.



Here’s what you will see on the inside pages of the planner (photos courtesy of the BDJ website):


There’s a how-to guide on How to Make Everything Possible.


EIP Planner_How to Make Everything Possible


There is a Monthly View at the start of each month and it consists of the Happiness List, My One New Habit This Month, This Month’s Priorities and Monthly Divider Quotes. I love that you can see the whole month at a glance. For a mom like me who juggles work, blogging, household, mommy and wifely duties, this is extremely helpful in keeping my life organized.


EIP Planner_Monthly View


This is what the Weekly View looks like. It has spaces for 3 Major Things to Do Today, Personal List and Weekly Mantra. It just has enough space for me to write my daily to-do list.


EIP Planner_Weekly View



What’s really unique about this planner though are the Special Pages, which I think will really help inspire me to achieve all my goals for the coming year. It also helps organize my goals and the action steps I need to take in order to make everything possible for me this 2014. Here are some of the Special Pages.


Micro Actions


EIP Planner_Micro Actions


Career and Financial Goals


EIP Planner_Career and Financial Goals


Positive Poster


EIP Planner_Positive Poster


Things I’m Grateful For


EIP Planner_Things I'm Grateful For


What I’ve Achieved


EIP Planner_What I've Achieved



I believe that I’ve already achieved a lot this year in terms of launching my career as a freelancer. But I plan to step up my game this 2014. I believe that with this planner I can really make more of my WAHM dreams come true. So, I’m super ecstatic that BDJ gave me this planner. I can hardly wait to use it! If I were you, I’d #Jumpstart2014 with  this planner now.


You can purchase the Everything is Possible planner for only Php 598.00. For more information about the Everything is Possible planner and the other BDJ products, visit the BDJ website at www.belledejourpowerplanner.com. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I got this planner from SM Cebu and I also got giddy as you are. I’m also a fan of planners and I find that this one is really my thing too. Cheers! There are only 3 pieces left so I immediately grabbed and bought one and ditched my plan to get the Starbucks planner. HAHA! Love it! 🙂

  2. Even with smartphones, I still write schedules and tasks on paper. This planner is awesome because it has everything a mom needs.

    MrsMartinez (@xoxoMrsMartinez) recently posted…Christmas At Manila Hotel + #babyMartinez OOTDMy Profile

  3. This is super nice! As you know, I still don’t have a planner for 2014, which is so unlike me. I usually get one already by mid-November. I’m still kinda hoping I’ll win one haha! Kuripot alert.
    Patty recently posted…Sinigang, the Way My Mom Does ItMy Profile

  4. This BDJ planner is a steal at 598 pesos. I love planners and I’d like to have my hands on ‘Everything is Possible’ soon. Thanks for sharing.
    emiliana recently posted…Sacred Heart School Makati takes center stage with The Secret of Christmas EveMy Profile

  5. I am a huge fan of BDJ planners! I’ve been buying this brand ever since I was in high school. I love all the inspirational stuff they insert and the discount vouchers. 🙂 Naexcite ako ha when I saw the ‘Everything Is Possible’ planner. I will definitely buy myself this one for the new year. I’m claiming it, too, in 2014!
    Kim @ Mom On Duty recently posted…The Little Man’s 1st Birthday and Max’s Restaurant Kiddie Party PackagesMy Profile

  6. I always make it a point to have a planner at the start of the new year. That’s where I list down our doctors’ appointments, dental checkups, school meetings, blog deadlines, etc. I haven’t had a BDJ Power Planner, however; I guess it’s about time I have one.

  7. Galing ng BDJ! Thanks for featuring this planner. I can’t wait to check out what other planners they have in store for 2014!

  8. I think I love this planner! It is very inspiring!
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Trivia Quiz + A Giveaway!My Profile

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