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Free to Fall Book Cover Free to Fall
Lauren Miller
Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction
Harper Teen
May 13, 2014
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What if there was an app that told you what song to listen to, what coffee to order, who to date, even what to do with your life—an app that could ensure your complete and utter happiness? What if you never had to fail or make a wrong choice?

What if you never had to fall?

Fast-forward to a time when Apple and Google have been replaced by Gnosis, a monolith corporation that has developed the most life-changing technology to ever hit the market: Lux, an app that flawlessly optimizes decision making for the best personal results. Just like everyone else, sixteen-year-old Rory Vaughn knows the key to a happy, healthy life is following what Lux recommends. When she’s accepted to the elite boarding school Theden Academy, her future happiness seems all the more assured. But once on campus, something feels wrong beneath the polished surface of her prestigious dream school. Then she meets North, a handsome townie who doesn’t use Lux, and begins to fall for him and his outsider way of life. Soon, Rory is going against Lux’s recommendations, listening instead to the inner voice that everyone has been taught to ignore — a choice that leads her to uncover a truth neither she nor the world ever saw coming.



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Going into reading this book, I kind of expected it to be something like Kim Curran’s novel, Glaze (which I also reviewed last month). This is because there’s some similarity to the plot in the sense that both are about how corrupt corporations and the government are using technology to manipulate people’s lives.


The main difference though is that Glaze is a social media app that records anything and everything people post online, and it can be accessed through a chip in one’s brain, while Free to Fall is all about Lux, which is more of a decision-making app that uses information one has uploaded on ones handheld devices. Both are scary  but I’d have to say that Free to Fall wins hands down on the excitement department. In fact, I loved this book!


The characters are all very easy to relate to. Rory, is your typical teenager who, like a lot of us, is kind of addicted to social media to the point that she relies on Lux to make decisions for her even down to the most trivial issues such as what to wear. I love the development of her character as she goes from being Lux-obsessed to eventually ditching the app altogether. I love how she gets stronger and more mature as the story takes place.


I also really like her love interest, North, who’s your typical rebel who doesn’t really hate technology but abhors Lux because from the beginning he already knew what it  was being used for. I love that he has tattoos, that he’s a barista in a coffee shop and that he’s a hacker. He’s your typical “bad guy” type on the outside but totally smart and sweet in the inside.


I also love the Rory-North love story. At first you’ll think that they won’t jive well together because they seem total opposites. But I guess, opposites do attract and in the end, it was North who was there for Rory in her quest to find the truth. I love how their story just had the right amount of romance to add to the excitement in the novel.


There’s lots to love about the other characters too. The great thing about this novel is the fact that it makes you think you already know who the heroes and the villains are  in the beginning. But, there are a lot of surprising twists and turns that will actually throw you off.


It is definitely an exciting, suspenseful read that makes you think twice about how you use technology in your daily life and how much of yourself you expose online. How many of you are addicted to your phone or your tablets? How many of you post about the most personal details of yourself on social media? The really scary thing is, this story can actually happen to us in real life. That’s why the story is so brilliant!


I love, love, love this book! It was so hard to put it down. I’m looking forward to reading more of Lauren Miller’s work in the future. With that I leave you with a John Milton quote that Miller used in the book.


I formed them free, and free they must remain
Till they enthrall themselves;
I else must change their nature.



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  1. I have been reading alot of young adult books and this will be included in my reading list.

    1. Go ahead, Maria. I’m a big YA novel fan too. 🙂
      Janice Lim recently posted…Yummy Sweet Treats from Sweet BunchMy Profile

  2. I bet it’s really a good book base on your reaction…I’m not really a big reader, the only book that I love to read is recipe book lol.

  3. You got me at the part that you mentioned about the heroine going against the app. I want to read!!!

  4. Just reading the sypnosis, I want to read the book na rin.
    Michi recently posted…Fab ManilaMy Profile

  5. I’m so jealous you read a lot! This looks like another good read!
    Roxi – Mr. Jacob’s Mom recently posted…Things We Love: Avent Bottles, Pigeon, Cradle, and CyclesMy Profile

    1. I don’t think my day would be complete without reading, Roxi. It’s just really a huge part of me. 🙂
      Janice Lim recently posted…Yummy Sweet Treats from Sweet BunchMy Profile

  6. I need to add this on my list!
    Que Sullano – Gavan recently posted…Donate Your Hair for Children & Woman with CancerMy Profile

  7. This seems like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing this. I need lots of books since I wait for my daughter for 2 hours every day. Haha!
    Kim Reyes recently posted…School Kid Must-Have: Cute and Spill-proof Lock and Lock Lunch KitMy Profile

  8. This book sounds super interesting! I would love to read this sometime in the near future.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Grilled Pork ChopsMy Profile

  9. I remember you telling me about this book! Interesting plot! 😀
    Patty | MrsC recently posted…On Peeing and Public RestroomsMy Profile

  10. Wow! It seems like a nice and interesting book.

    Btw, what does a blog book tour mean?:) hihi just new to blogging po eh.
    thereyoujho recently posted…When Organic Just Won’t Do: 9 days of OGX Hair Products ReviewMy Profile

  11. You’re right, the story is both interesting and scary. With how technology is constantly evolving and how we are in a way “controlled” by social media, this can possible come true. But it’s good that the characters of the story do not remain “controlled” by this technology.
    Chinky Magtibay recently posted…Thankful Thursdays with Bea Zapanta! My Family, The Skies and Goals to Reach in LifeMy Profile

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