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Last week I blogged about being given a chance to attend the Digital Leaders Boot Camp by Janette Toral. I was so happy to have been given the opportunity because I’ve been wanting to join Janette Toral’s sessions for so long but have been unable to do so. Even if this session was just going to be a half day one, I knew I will be learning very valuable information that will help me become a #DigitalLeader.


So, off I went to attend the event last Saturday, July 26, at the Best Western Antel Hotel in Makati City.




I have one main reason why I want to be a digital leader and it has to do with blogging. I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and over the years my followers have grown, which is something I didn’t expect when I first started to blog. It also surprises me to study my stats and see that my page views have increased and that there are posts of mine that rank high on search engines. What’s even more amazing is the fact that brands are actually interested in partnering up with me.   All these, of course, are blessings for me. But it comes with a huge responsibility.

I’m not just blogging for my personal consumption now. I actually have an audience. I also have a responsibility to the brands who trust me. And if I want to grow that audience and work with more partners, I better make sure that I learn how to be an effective influencer. One of the best ways to that is, of course, to learn from the experts, which exactly what Janette Toral is.


Photo courtesy of Digital Leaders Boot Camp


At the event, you can see that there are numerous people eager to learn as well.


Photo courtesy of Digital Leaders Boot Camp
Photo courtesy of Digital Leaders Boot Camp


The group was composed not only of bloggers but also of professionals, entrepreneurs and other digital media enthusiasts.



Now, I’ve learned so many valuable insights that day but let me share with you the top 5 that resonated with me.


1. To be an effective influencer, don’t just aspire to be better. BE DIFFERENT.

When I first started blogging, I looked at other blogs to see what they were doing and what made them successful. I admit that because I admired certain bloggers, I took some inspiration from their blogs and tried to apply them into mine, making sure that it will stay true to who I am and what my blog is all about. People hate copycats and I do too. Plus I wanted to be better.

Eventually though, I stopped just getting inspiration from others and started to make my blog more ME.  I started blogging more about what I love most. Because just being myself makes me different. Nobody in the world is like me so there’s no other blog in the world that’s also quite like mine.

One of Janette Toral’s last messages during the boot camp was this:

Use the REBEL in you. Lead and think differently!


2. It’s not all about the numbers.

According to Janette Toral, there are 3 pillars of influence – Reach, Relevance, and Resonance. Reach pertains to how many people follow you or read your posts. Relevance has to do with you building authority. Resonance is all about your frequency and method of communicating and connecting with your readers.

In the beginning, I thought that in order to be a successful blogger, my blog should have a really high number of subscribers and that I should have thousands of followers on social media. But I realized, even if I have those numbers, it doesn’t really matter if I’m not really connecting with them, right? Of course, reach still matters, especially when you’re working with brands. However, it’s not the reach that will make your blog last for the long haul.


3. Begin with the end in mind – FOCUS! Share your passion.

This was something I had trouble with in the beginning. I started blogging only because I wanted to document my third pregnancy and our life as a new blended family. But then opportunities came and we experienced several life changes as well, which all led me to become confused as to what my blog should focus on.

I’ve seen other blogs that have a very particular niche and wondered whether I should do the same. But I figured that would limit me to write only about certain things and would thus prompt me to create other blogs with a different niche just so I can write about other topics. I didn’t want to manage more than one blog.

There are others who have encouraged me to focus on our blended family story. But because I refuse to spill very personal information about my family online, I didn’t think it was the way to go. And where would I write about the other stuff I want to write about?

In the end, I decided to maintain this blog and focus on it being a family lifestyle blog wherein I can write anything I want about three main things, my life as a WIFE, WORK-AT-HOME MOM and WRITER.


4. Be SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT. Now how to handle your relationships in love and in life. 

As a blogger, I can’t  help but expose some parts of my life to the public. But that doesn’t mean I should do so without regard for the privacy of my family and friends. There are things I refuse to blog about because they’re too personal. Although I post photos often on social media, I choose which ones to post and don’t post anything that would reveal anything too personal as well.

Most importantly, I don’t air my dirty laundry in public. While I might rant every now and then, they never divulge any personal details nor do I mention names. I never involve myself in arguments on social media. Not that I don’t like healthy debates. I just prefer to do it in person. Doing so in public is just not my style.


5. If you want to be at the top, you should be a SERVANT.

If your blog is not just for personal consumption, then don’t ever forget about your audience. You’re writing for them too. It’s not all about you. Therefore, you should make sure that have something to offer your audience all the time. Try to understand them so that you will , get a better handle on how to be of service to them.

At the end of the day, if you want to become a successful digital leader influencer, you have to be able to build a community.

It was really such a fun day of learning for me and the other participants. I think Janette Toral is a great mentor to have. Even during the event itself, she made sure that all of us got to participate in one way or another.

Oh and along with my friend, Millie, I won in the raffle too! I won a voucher for a complimentary facial worth Php 1,800.00 courtesy of Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Center. Thank you so much!


Photo courtesy of Digital Leaders Boot Camp


Special thanks also go to Sherlane Fortunado for inviting me!

To learn more about the Digital Leaders Boot Camp, do visit the links below.


Digital Leaders Boot Camp

Website: www.leaderbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/digital.leaders.boot.camp


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  1. Sounds very informative. I don’t really put in too much personal anecdotes on my articles, except when I feel that others can relate. One of the question that I imagine my readers ask is: Ano pakelam ko kung…?

    Looks like you’ve learned a lot and thanks for sharing it.
    Jerome Lupisan recently posted…6 na kakaibang bagay na nalaan ko tungkol sa INC mula sa ex koMy Profile

  2. conventions like these are really essential to budding leaders in different niche of life not just on marketing. Being a leader is being one who goes with your follower and set a good example… someone who influence people for a change

  3. It’s really important to have your readers in mind when you write so you can fine tune your contents with them.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Swim for a Cause: Ultra Swim 2My Profile

  4. The number 5 is my favorite.. Thank you for sharing this list
    Eng Tinkham recently posted…Core Strength Pushup PlusMy Profile

  5. I’ve seen a post about this on facebook yesterday, now i know whats it all about. Hope i could attend one of these events someday
    Bhuboy recently posted…How you can help in changing the worldMy Profile

  6. I felt bad that I missed that Boot Camp was really looking forward to attending.
    Leira Pagaspas recently posted…Adrianne’s Halloween CostumeMy Profile

  7. I agree. Its never about the number. Numbers are good, but its also greatly about relevance. From relevance, numbers follow
    kumiko mae – beauty blog philippines recently posted…Smooth hair-free legs are on-trend at Waxbar SalonMy Profile

    1. I completely agree with that. 🙂
      Janice Lim recently posted…Events: Working Mom’s All About Kids BazaarMy Profile

  8. Too bad I missed this event! There is so much to learn in the Digital Leaders Boot Camp.
    Mommy Peach recently posted…Five Fun Welding Projects That You Could Try at HomeMy Profile

  9. I really loved your insights. Thank you for sharing. It feels like I attended the talk itself. I do agree that you should not just connect, but communicate. Use your influence to make an impact 🙂
    Sam recently posted…Scuba Diving – Into The Deep Blue Seas of BatangasMy Profile

  10. Some bloggers would say that their blog is just an online journal so they write whatever they want; but I agree with you, it is a social responsibility since it’s out there for everyone’s consumption.
    rainbowjournal.com recently posted…Into the Devil’s Lair: The Sulfur Miners of Kawah IjenMy Profile

    1. I agree. Bloggers like us also have a social responsibility because of what we do. It’s not all about us.
      Janice Lim recently posted…Events: Working Mom’s All About Kids BazaarMy Profile

  11. Wow! You’re lucky! I’ve always wanted to attend workshops and seminars of Ms. Janette Toral. Hopefully, one day 😀
    Hainrihi recently posted…Press Release | Fandom News | “Rurouni Kenshin” Sequels To Be Shown in Philippine CinemasMy Profile

  12. Hi Janice! Thank you for coming and this is really such an interesting blog post you have here. It’s really about time to make online filled with more passionate people. Keep it up and see you soon!

    1. Hi Jeoff. Thanks! It was nice meeting you at the event. 🙂 Thanks for the prize!
      Janice Lim recently posted…Events: Working Mom’s All About Kids BazaarMy Profile

  13. I’m glad that you enjoyed the event and thanks for the mention 🙂

    1. Thanks for the invite! I really learned a lot. 🙂 And I’m so glad I met you. 🙂
      Janice Lim recently posted…Events: Working Mom’s All About Kids BazaarMy Profile

  14. I always wanted to join seminars like this but havent found time to squeeze it in my busy schedule. Thanks for sharing the tips!
    Jaja recently posted…Sunday Link Up Vol # 011My Profile

  15. I’ve always been a fan of Ms. Janette Toral since I personally attended iBlog9 last year. though too bad I never managed to attend her boot camps outside. Now only if I can have much time available. Maybe, soon! #workaholicproblems
    slickmaster recently posted…May Bagong Sex Scandal! Eh Ano Ngayon?! (v. 2014)My Profile

  16. Though I didn’t attend the seminar just reading your post really helped me as a blogger. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love attending boot camps, especially if it will help me boost my self-confidence and unleash the potential in me. But the best part was, I was able to go out with you again, and yes next time with Patty na! Also, I’m glad to meet other bloggers too!
    Millie recently posted…8 Basic Household Must-Haves With or Without A Typhoon | Not Your Ordinary MumMy Profile

  18. I missed this! You are lucky to attend a bootcamp with Janette. Next time I will really save a date! 🙂
    Dok Tour recently posted…Easy Taxi’s 1st Anniversary at Luxent HotelMy Profile

  19. Janice, thank you for sharing what you learned. I’d want to attend a convention like this too, how often does she organize one? I know you’ll be able to put into practice what you learned 🙂

    P.S. Very nice banner!
    Chel recently posted…“i like my body when it is with your
    body. It is so quite new a thing.
    Muscles better and nerves…”
    My Profile

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