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If you’re not a new visitor of this blog, you’d already know how much I believe in play as a vital tool in children’s growth and development. That’s why when I get invited to events that are all about play, I attend as much as I can, which is exactly what I did when I was invited to the Celebrating Play workshop by Wonderworld Toys last August 12 at Rustan’s Makati.



I’ve heard about Wonderworld Toys before. In fact, I’ve seen their displays in some of the mommy bazaars in the metro. But during the event I was finally able to get to know more about the brand as well as about Discovery Depot, the official distributor of Wonderworld in the country.




Discovery Depot is a local company owned by passionate mompreneur, Sherrie Siy, who shares my love for play and for providing good quality toys our kids.




Here’s the philosophy behind Discovery Depot.


We start from this one thought. A child is amazing! He absorbs and delights in the world around him. That is why we choose safe, developmentally appropriate, educational toys which have lots of play value. Not just passing fads. We also believe children should play together so our toys lend themselves to sharing and promote social skills and language skills.


Discovery Depot’s toys really have a lot of play value that allows your kids to explore and be creative. Aside from Wonderworld, Discovery Depot also has other brands such as Safsof, Ambi and the most recent one, Red Toolbox.


Now let me tell you something about Wonderworld.


Wonderworld was launched in Thailand in 1985 as a small wooden toy workshop with only 6 employees. 25 years later, Wonderworld has grown into a world renowned premier marketer of wooden toys.

Wonderworld toys are educational, durable and have fantastic play value, engaging your child throughout different developmental stages.


Here are a couple samples of Wonderworld toys.



What I love about Wonderworld toys is that they’re very eco-friendly. They are made from rubber wood using 25-year-old rubber trees. Plus they only use water-based paint on their toys, making them very safe for your kids to use. Even 70% of their packaging is made of recycled paper. The greatest thing about Wonderworld though is that it allows your child to develop ” an experience of science and physics ( gravity, weight, balance, stability, momentum), builds strength in fingers and hands, math skills, social relationships with other children, expands language abilities, gain sense of achievement”.




When we arrived at the event, Ziggy automatically gravitated towards this fun display of Wonderworld Trix Track sets and he immediately started playing with it. It was so much fun!




Trix Tracks are specially designed bricks made from a combination of eco-friendly recycled saw dust and food grade plastic so it is safe, durable and good for the environment. What I love about it is that you can combine it with other Trix Track sets to create even larger tracks, more trix and endless fun!


Here’s an example of a Trix Track set. You can already play with this as is but if you want it to be more fun, explore and connect other sets to this. We received one set already and it’s already very interesting to play with on it’s own but I’m looking forward to buying more so that it can be more exciting for Ziggy to play with.


Photo courtesy of Discovery Depot/Wonderworld Toys


The main highlight of the event though was the Celebrating Play talk by my friend, Mariel Uyquiengco, who’s a homeschooling mom and one half of the team behind The Learning Basket. Mariel discussed very valuable insights about the importance and benefits of play for our kids. She demonstrated how certain toys help develop certain skills in our kids.




Mariel also stressed the importance of choosing the best kinds of toys for our kids. While it might be tempting for us budget-conscious parents to choose the cheap toys in Divisoria, we have to realize that those may not be safe for kids to use or don’t have much play value. Good quality toys are not only safe for children, they also last longer, making them good value for money.


Another thing I’d like to highlight here is the latest toy brand available at Discovery Depot called Red Toolbox.


Photo courtesy of Discovery Depot/Wonderworld Toys
Photo courtesy of Discovery Depot/Wonderworld Toys


Red Toolbox is a complete world of tools specifically designed to suit a child’s grip, complemented by a wide selection of original
woodworking kits and a snappy workbench! There are different woodworking projects that teach various skills with different level of difficulty.
Now, don’t you wish you had RED TOOL BOX when you were a kid?


Through Wisdom of the Hands, woodworking integrates the head and hands and heart! Woodworking is hands on education where children experience the abstract principles of math and science in a very concrete manner. Cause and effect relationships are witnessed firsthand, so largely forgotten in this era of digital tablets.Finally, woodworking teaches old fashioned hard work which is never out of fashion!


I have to admit I’m not very confident of my woodworking skills. Normally, that’s something I leave my hubby to do. But Sherrie told me that even she was able to actually finish a Red Toolbox project and she isn’t a woodworking expert either. So, I just might try this someday. Here’s a sample finished product of a Red Toolbox kit. Awesome isn’t it?




Ziggy would love this! I really think this is a tool that will be useful for us, especially now that we’re starting to homeschool Ziggy and we’re constantly on the look out for fun learning projects for him to do.


Learn more about Discovery Depot and their wonderful world of toys by clicking on the links below.



Discovery Depot / Wonderworld Toys

Website: www.thediscoverydepot.com




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  1. i’m so jealous, haha. i want to be a 7 year old kid again!
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  5. I hope there’s Wonderworld toys at CDO.
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  6. This is a nice event.. I am glad Ziggy had a great time.
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  7. Grabe they only started with 6 employees? Now thats inspiring. I agree a child’s play time is crucial to their development. My son will like that tractor. I’ll check them out thanks for sharing 🙂
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  8. Even my daughter would love that wooden toy car! It’s actually my first time to hear about Wonderworld toys and I think all their toys are wonderful.
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  9. I was supposed to go to this event, but I had something else scheduled that day. Thinking though that the toys might be for younger kids, and there won’t be anything there na rin for Tristan. What do you think, based on what you saw?
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