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My First Origami Kit Book Cover My First Origami Kit
Joel Stern
Tuttle Publishing
Origami Kit with Book
Tuttle Publishing

**Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2015 Preferred Choice Award**

Children and beginners can make fun and simple origami projects with this great origami kit.

My First Origami Kit is the perfect, affordable introductory kit for kids and parents to learn and master the joys of origami together. If you've never done origami before, My First Origami Kit is a great origami kit for beginners. It is filled with origami of all kinds—birds, beasts, vehicles, even a teddy bear that talks when you open and close its arms.

The folding fun begins with the specially designed origami papers. Both sides are decorated based on the subject—feathers for the duck, metal plates for the airplane, scales for the cobra, and other surprises. You'll end up with a great looking paper model no matter which side you start with. You can add fun stickers to your finished models—to make eyes, ears, paws, and other features.

This easy origami kit contains:
Full-colored instructional booklet
Easy-to-follow instructions
22 origami-for-kids projects
150 detailed stickers
60 two-sided folding sheets
Origami paper is pre-colored

This kit is sure to keep kids engaged and happy for hours. They'll be so proud of their very first origami—and you'll be happy to display them!

Origami projects include:
Penny Penguin
Sea Surfer
Caramel Bear
Magic Box
Hugo Pig
And many more…

About the Author:

Joel Stern has enjoyed origami since his childhood. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, he has conducted many origami workshops for all ages in camps, schools, community centers, and libraries. Joel is also the author of Origami Games, Animated Origami Faces, Jewish Holiday Origami, as well as Washington Pops!, a collection of do-it-yourself pop-up cards of famous buildings in Washington, D.C. His origami and pop-up creations have been exhibited in the U.S., Japan, and Israel.


I’ve been looking for arts and crafts activities that my five-year-old son can do as part of our homeschool activities. So, when the chance to review this origami kit was presented to me, I readily grabbed the opportunity.

Tuttle Publishing has many different origami kits for all ages but I chose this one because it’s the most basic one. I figured it will be easy for my son to do. In the end though, even my 13 and 14-year-old daughters joined in on the fun. Let me tell you what you can find inside the kit.


My First Origami Kit has everything you will need to make the 20 different projects featured. That includes the instructional booklet, stickers, and sheets of origami paper.

I love that there are different kinds of origami projects in this kit. A lot of them are animals though. The origami papers are already colored and have back-to-back designs based on the different projects. So it’s just a matter of choosing the correct design that will match the project. Then, you just have to follow the instructions in the kit. The instructions are pretty easy for a big kid to understand, especially since there are illustrations on how to fold the paper aside from just the text. There are only a few steps involved in each project. However, for younger kids like my son, it will be necessary for an adult or an older kid to guide them.


Here are the different projects we were able to try from the kit. I sat down with all three of my kids and we all went through the instructions together. Zoe and Ziya were able to do them easily but I had to assist Ziggy with his. He’s only 5 years old so that’s understandable.


It was definitely a fun bonding experience for the four of us. The only thing I didn’t like is that for some of the projects, the quantity of origami paper doesn’t match with the quantity of stickers that are supposed to go with them. I don’t know why that is but we just opted to use the other stickers even though they’re supposed to be for another project.

I’d definitely recommend this kit for those who want to try origami for the first time. For those who are more advanced though, they’d probably prefer the other versions of the kit.

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  1. I’m not good at this, I can only make paper boat and paper plane. My husband has origami skills so he teaches my son how to make a bird that moves. I already bought origami paper so we can practice folding this sembreak.
    Michi recently posted…Lunch at Denny’sMy Profile

  2. Wow! Ang ganda naman ng mga origami na ‘yan! Ang alam ko lang gawin sa origami, ung bangkang papel at airplane lang, omg. mas magaling pa sila haha.
    Above Precious Rubies recently posted…Eight F8ful Years ♥ + 3 Tips to Keep a Strong Relationship with Your PartnerMy Profile

  3. My youngest is crafty and would surely love this activity. Thank you for sharing.
    Juvy recently posted…Starbucks Pacific Plaza SingaporeMy Profile

  4. This is cute! My son is a fan of origami and if he sees this he’ll definitely scream his lungs out for it! One of our favorite bonding moments is folding papers.. origami is one cool thing!

  5. The origami looks fun. I honestly can’t wait for my kids to try it. I have to look for a very easy one for my toddlers. I’m sure there is. 🙂
    Gilian recently posted…He SatisfiesMy Profile

  6. I love origami! And I remember someone gave us a set of origami paper that were so colorful and so pretty it was pretty hard to use it. LOL! My mom made a lot of paper flowers if I remember it correctly. 🙂
    Liz A recently posted…MBP’s Mad Hatter Halloween PartyMy Profile

  7. I’m keeping this in mind. My son’s still a toddler and if I introduce origami kits to him, baka kainin nya lang yung papel. Haha! Baka si momma lang nya ang mag-enjoy kung bibili ako now. Hehe
    Michelle recently posted…Why I’m Excited For My Son To Try Nutri10 PlusMy Profile

  8. This is a nice activity for kids. Where can we buy it? I’d like to buy it as a bonding activity with my little boy.

  9. I’d love to have the advanced origami kit for my son. That should keep him away from gadgets for hours. Lol!
    Maria Teresa Figuerres recently posted…Why You Should Use Cleene Foaming Hand SoapMy Profile

  10. My niece has been eyeing to have one actually. This can be a good part of the kid’s afternoon activities. Will consider getting one for my LO, maybe he’d like it too.
    Cheryl F recently posted…Shopping Tricks for Christmas SeasonMy Profile

  11. Ayy so cute! I didn’t know you can make a turtle using paper! This is a good family activity!
    Chessy recently posted…On Our 6th Year AnniversaryMy Profile

  12. Ay ang cute. I love that the kids are sooo into them.
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted…Safeguard Pure White Body Wash Adventure CampMy Profile

  13. Oooh this is cute! My boy has never done origami before but I think he’ll find it to be enjoyable. (Though I think I’ll do most of the folding lol!)
    Maan recently posted…The Tale of Yuri’s First Sick DayMy Profile

  14. Those are cute turtles and ships. My firstborn is into origami and he would patiently fold each paper. He is also very patient watching YouTube tutorials. When our baby was christened, our firstborn decorated the house with his stars origami. The house really looked too beautiful and festive. Glad to see your kids bond over origami.

  15. Wow! Thanks for sharing Mommy!
    This is a great craft bonding for the whole family 🙂
    Gracie recently posted…Health & Life Insurance : Rethink the way you knew itMy Profile

  16. I haven’t tried making origami with the kids. Pwedeng bonding activity! 🙂
    Shalene R | PurplePieces.com recently posted…Cheers to Life. Cheers to Everyday.My Profile

  17. Wahaha we probably need this because we have trouble following the intermediate origami projects.
    Rowena Wendy Lei recently posted…Morelli’s Gelato Caffe at Shangrila Plaza MallMy Profile

  18. nice parang ang sarap pag aralan hope I have a patience to learn this one
    Mommy Anna recently posted…The Mind Museum Science CircusMy Profile

  19. this is nice! an activity that will be enjoyed by me and my kids! ive always been curious about oregami. thanks for sharing!

  20. wow! i need this, a perfect one for a bonding time with my little man
    momshouotout recently posted…TuronMy Profile

  21. I’ve tried Origami once and it will not only take patience, may skill talaga kasi dapat straight ka mag fold and there’s an art on it. May mga hands talaga who are fit for origami hehe.
    TweenselMom recently posted…The Great Toy Kingdom’s Toy Warehouse Sale Year 10My Profile

  22. We just recently got an origami book as a present from Japan. We have yet to try it though. This is such a nice bonding activity for everyone. 🙂
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…What to Do after You’ve Fully Paid Your Car LoanMy Profile

  23. Awww. Those are cute! You gave me an idea on what to keep the kids on our family reunion busy. You know, sometimes they get bored easily. They’re surely enjoy.

  24. Your post gave me an idea on another thing my family can do while at home. Simple but enjoyable.
    Teresa Martinez recently posted…The Importance of Self-care for MomsMy Profile

  25. Bookmarked mommy! Will buy this in the future. It is a great family bonding idea plus it is super cute!

  26. making origami looks really fun. I see a lot of creative finished products which sometimes tempts me to make one but when I see how complicated some of it are, I get discouraged.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Comment on Apple Pie Cheesecake by Angie@Angie’s RecipesMy Profile

  27. I love doing Origami especially when i was a kid. I can recall many designs I was able to put together out of a simple white piece of paper. This book looks interesting and I bet my kids would enjoy it.
    Louisa recently posted…Give the Gift of Health with a Healthy Options Christmas Gift BoxMy Profile

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