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How to Protect Your Kids During the Cold, Rainy -Ber Months (Plus, the Pambatang Solmux 200mg Best Tandem Early Christmas Treat!)

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It’s already November and we’re right in the middle of preparing for the holidays. We already know that during this season, there’s lots to prepare for and lots to worry about. Among other things, mothers like me worry about our kids getting sick because the weather is colder and there’s so many people running around in the usual places we frequent, like the malls for instance.

All moms know that there’s nothing worse than our children getting sick. We hate seeing them weak and unable to participate in our usual holiday activities. We hate seeing them hurt. I know that all too well. My baby just got a cold a few weeks ago. But I have 3 other kids. Just imagine how horrible it would be to have them all sick at the same time?

So, what’s a mom to do? Well, you can start by learning how to protect your kids during the cold and rainy -ber months and prevent them from getting cough, colds and flu. Below, I share some ways on how you can do just that.

  1. Strengthen their immune system through proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition provides your kids with all the nutrients their body needs to fend off sickness. Make sure they eat a balanced diet full of the good stuff, such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins as well as other healthy food like fish and nuts.

  1. Exercise.

Adults are not the only ones who need exercise. Physical fitness also provides many benefits for kids too, including building stronger bones and muscles, controlling body fat, reducing blood sugar levels, among others.

  1. Teach them to practice good hygiene.

Kids still need to be reminded to keep themselves clean. It’s important to especially remind them to always wash their hands properly because germs and viruses are easily transferred through contact with infected people.

  1. Let them use proper rain gear.

You don’t want your kids to get drenched in the rain so always provide them with proper jackets and rain coats. Don’t forget the rain boots because we all know flooding is already a common occurrence in the Metro these days.

  1. Give them only trusted medicines when they’re sick.

Sometimes even when we do our best to prevent illnesses from happening to our kids, it just can’t be helped. When it happens, don’t panic. If you don’t know exactly what to do, always consult with your pediatrician so that he or she can prescribe the proper medicine to give your kids. It’s always best to be prepared though because we all know there’s a high incidence for sickness during this season. For instance, for cough occurrence, we always have Pambatang Solmux 200mg stocked in our medicine cabinet.

Pambatang Solmux 200mg is one of the most trusted ones for children’s cough these days.


Pambatang Solmux 200mg is “subok na” when it comes to helping relieve kids of their cough with phlegm. Tried and tested by both moms and pediatricians for 35 years, Pambatang Solmux is safe (made by Unilab); effective (because of its Bacterial and Viral Expel Action); and hiyang to your child.

It’s even so easy to let your child take it because it’s strawberry flavor is oh-so-yummy. Plus, your child will take in less medicine because Pambatang Solmux contains 200mg of medicine per 5ml vs. other carbocisteine medicines which only contain 100mg of medicine per 5ml.

Pambatang Solmux 200mg is good for kids aged 2-12 years old and comes in 60ml (P 100.00) and 120 ml (P 153.00) variants. Sa Pambatang Solmux 200mg, #SiguradoKa. It’s what I use for my kids!

So, here comes the good news!

To make sure that you’re prepared during these months, Pambatang Solmux will be giving away Pambatang Solmux plus premium items on their official Facebook page with their Best Tandem Early Christmas Treat. Those who want to join the promo will need to complete the following statement:

 “Kung ang Pambatang Solmux ay tao sa buhay ko, siya ay ____________ (limit to 2 words) dahil #SiguradoAko na _______________ (limit to 10 words). #BestTandem”

Then with your kid, pose with a 60 mL or 120 mL variant of the brand. Then, post your answer on the comments section of the contest post.

For example, you can do it like this:

“Kung ang Pambatang Solmux ay tao sa buhay ko, siya ay asawa ko dahil #SiguradoAko na mahal niya ako at siya’y maaasahan sa lahat ng bagay. #BestTandem”

There will be 40 winners. This contest will run from November 16 – December 1, 2016. This is open to nationwide. Prizes are for pick up though. Authorized representatives may pick up the prize on the winner’s behalf.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Janice! Solmux kid here, too! I had weak lungs as a child. So “Kung ang Pambatang Solmux ay tao sa buhay ko, siya ay kalaro ko dahil sigurado ako na siya ang nagpapasaya sa akin tuwing may uno ako.” 🙂
    MomsterTeacher recently posted…Raviv’s Wardrobe Diaries 41, 42 & 43: Fashion FridaysMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful reminder in time for the ber months. It’s really difficult when the weather changes, thanks for the reminder, I’d like to prepare my kids for the change of weather.
    Gilian recently posted…15 WordPress Themes for PhotographersMy Profile

  3. Great tips! My youngest just came from a long bout of flu. Glad that he’s better now. Take care everyone!
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…The Amazing Experience at the Masungi GeoreserveMy Profile

  4. I fee you mommy Janice, hirap pag lahat ng nagkasakit sabay-sabay. Those are all great tips. Solmux din gamit ko before sa kids. Great giveaway 🙂

  5. My son is also a Solmux user. We use this one, most especially, because he could tolerate the taste better than others. This is part of his medicine kit.
    Nilyn recently posted…3 Germs We Can Get From Unsanitized ToiletsMy Profile

  6. We always relay on Solmux for our kids’ cough with phlegm. Even husband and my mom use Solmux for their own cough battles.
    Berlin recently posted…MOMI LAUGHS & CRIES| Firstborn on inventions, competitions and championshipsMy Profile

  7. Does Solmux can be taken by a 2-year old? I teach my son to wash his hands after playing as early as 2 years old. Sana maging routine na niya paglaki.
    mhaan a recently posted…My Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-Treat ExperienceMy Profile

    1. Yes, 2 year olds can take it but as always, check with your pediatrician first. 🙂

  8. Tamang tama to. Medyo malamig na ang panahon at uso na naman ang ubo at sipon. Kelangang ng mag stock ng mga gamot.
    Neri Ann recently posted…A Wellness Moms Movement For a Better and Healthier LifestyleMy Profile

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