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If there’s one vegetable we always have at home, it’s potatoes. Everyone in our family loves it and we use it a lot in our meals.

It’s great to learn then how healthy potatoes really are and how much it benefits our kids. I recently came across interesting information specifically about US Potatoes from Potatoes USA Philippines.

Photo courtesy of www.potatoesusa-philippines.com.

Nutritional Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes provide the Carbohydrate, Potassium & Energy kids need to perform at their best.

Potatoes are more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable and have even more potassium than banana. It’s the perfect snack to keep your kid bustling with energy throughout the day. The concentration of potassium is highest in the skin and just beneath it. So, it’s best to eat potatoes with the skin on.

Potatoes are vitamin rich.

They also contain calcium, iron, and phosphorus, which help with the maintenance of our kids’ bone strength and structure. This can be vital to kids especially in the early stages of their life when play takes up most of their time.

Potatoes are known for the large amounts (45%) of Vitamin C present in them. Typically, 100 gm will contain about 17 mg of Vitamin C. It aids in collagen production; assists with iron absorption; and helps heal wounds and keep our kids’ gums healthy. In addition to this, they also contain Vitamin A, B and P.

Potatoes help in proper brain functioning.

They are high in carbohydrates, and thereby maintain good levels of glucose in the blood. This prevents the brain from letting fatigue creep in and it keeps our kids’ cognitive activity and performance high, which is especially helpful when they are studying hard in school.

The brain also needs oxygen, which is carried to it by the hemoglobin in the blood; its main constituent is iron. Potatoes contain iron as well. Therefore, they likewise help deliver oxygen to the brain.

Potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber.

According to a study, potatoes can be a good source of potassium and dietary fiber for children aged one-three years. It showed potatoes provide 8% of the recommended daily value of fiber — important for growth, development and overall health of children.

Potatoes do not displace other vegetables on the plate.

Studies show that kids love potatoes and that when they are served, a wider variety of vegetables are consumed. Potatoes are a true gateway vegetable, and is the only vegetable easily incorporated into kids’ breakfasts.

Potatoes are good for the heart.

Potatoes are cholesterol-free and have zero saturated fat, which helps prevent heart diseases. Its potassium content also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Given how the age of people getting heart diseases get younger and younger, this is something we moms should take note of.

5 Unique Kid-Friendly Potato Baon Ideas

Now that we know just how healthy potatoes are. Let me share with you some unique ways on how to cook US Potatoes as a healthy baon option for your kids this school season.


My kids love eating soup and so do I. So, this is one of my personal favorites. There are so many kinds of potato soup recipes you can make that will appeal to your kids’ taste buds. For example, you can use US Potatoes to make Cheesy Potato Soup, Potato Leek Soup and Potato Bacon Soup.

That’s my own version of Cheesy Potato Soup on the photo above.


Did you know that you can use US potatoes as a healthier substitute for a typical pizza crust? Just slice them, grill or roast the potato planks then put on your favorite toppings.


To make bruschetta, you usually use the traditional crostini or sourdough bread. Replace those with sliced US potatoes, about 1/4-inch think, toss in some olive oil and bake for 25 minutes at 425 degrees. When done, top with tomatoes and other toppings.


Kids love nachos but instead of using tortilla chips, a healthier version could be frozen US potato wedges, especially if you want a gluten-free option.


If you can use US Potatoes as an alternative to pizza crust and nachos, you can surely use them as well to make bread-free sandwiches. Just slice the potatoes about 1/2 thick and pan fry it a bit to make it softer. This will be your replacement to bread. Then fill in the sandwich with healthy ingredients such as cheese and vegetables.

I’m sure these healthy potato baon ideas will be a hit for your kids.

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  1. Those are interesting baon ideas. Haven’t tried any of those but my kids like potatoes with viands like adobo, menudo and nilaga. So, they eat plenty of potatoes, too.

  2. I love potatoes. In most of our ulams, I often put potatoes. Even sa soup and sopas. Others may find it weird but I just love the sweetness it brings. I would love to try that potato sandwich. And thanks for sharing your soup. Ihihi, will try it as well.

  3. We always have potatoes at home too but I could not say that it is a family favorite. My family only likes potatoes if it is fried like french fries and mojos potato. But in other countries likes USA, potato is really staple in their kitchen, parang rice natin na hindi pwedeng mawala. 🙂

  4. I am not a big fan of potatoes though I eat it naman. Thanks for the suggestions of potato dishes. At least madagdagan ang alam kong kainin na potato dish aside from french fries 😀

  5. Buti nalang my kids love potatoes, although most of the time, they prefer it fried. Will try the pizza recipe 🙂 My kids love pizza too, and combining them both could be a good idea 🙂

  6. Our market purchase is incomplete without potatoes, lol. In fact, it’s one of Nate’s first foods. Ang galing, pwede pala para sa pizza ang potatoes, who would’ve thought, db? That potato soup is making me more hungry! lol.
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…BUDGETING 101: The 10-20-70 PrincipleMy Profile

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