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So far, we have already published our review of the EVO 3D PopUp Cards as well as the EVO Ocean and EVO Bug books over the past several weeks. For the last installment of this series, we are doing a review of two coloring books, namely the EVO 3D Augmented Reality Coloring Magic Dino and Bird books and their respective apps, also given to us by Kidoozi.

These two coloring books are much like the PopUp cards and the EVO Ocean and Bug books but there are obvious differences. In these coloring books, the dinosaurs and birds that children color magically come to life when viewed through a smartphone or tablet. With engaging narratives and realistic movement, this interactive and futuristic coloring book is said to help develop fine-motor skills, creative thinking, and concentration.

These coloring books can be used by first downloading the app for free in Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Unlike the PopUp cards and the other books though, this requires an extra step of having to input a registration code on the app prior to its use.

After that though, it’s mostly the same, save for some functions. Your child just has to run the app and look at the pages through the device camera and they will see 3D animals coming to life!

The only difference is that they can color the pages first. Here’s a sample of the coloring pages from the Bird version of the coloring book.

So once the app scans the photo, the animal comes to life and it sort of takes a digital version of the colored page. I say “sort of” because based on our experience, colors on the app didn’t match the colors my son chose to use on the coloring book. Maybe it wasn’t really supposed to match, I really don’t know. We discovered though that when you scan an uncolored page, the app will still show a colored version of the animal but with a black and white background.

Another thing your child can do is make the animal move. Unlike the PopUp cards and books though, you can’t make the animal eat or do anything else.

All the information about the animal comes from an audio recording instead. There’s no information about the animals at all on the coloring pages. That’s pretty much it.

The Verdict:

These coloring books and apps are entertaining. Kids do learn interesting facts about the animals. There are several pages they can color as well. The apps are easy to use. The 3D models of the animals are really amazing. However, I would say this wasn’t as exciting as the PopUp cards and the other EVO books that we have reviewed.

Maybe if we reviewed this first we would have been a lot more happy with this because we didn’t know yet what the PopUp cards and other EVO books had to offer. We really loved the PopUp cards and EVO books because they were really jam packed with information on the books itself, which encourages the child to actually read. Plus, there was a lot more for the child to do with the app.

Also, I feel like this will be enjoyed more by a child who loves coloring pages. My son doesn’t really like them. He loves to draw a LOT. However, when it comes to coloring pre-drawn pages, he doesn’t really get excited much. This is still worth a try though because it is indeed educational and will work well with kids who are auditory learners.

To learn more about the EVO 3D Augmented Reality Coloring Magic Dino and Bird Books and App, visit www.kidoozi.com. Kidoozi has a lot of products for both moms and kids, so do check them out!

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  1. This book is quite similar to my son’s toy, where you need to color the pages then use your app to take a picture and make your own video. Just like your son, hindi na rin mahilig sa coloring ang anak ko. Nakatago na yung toy niya pero super love niya naman nung bago pa lang, baka nagsawa na.

  2. Raviv got Evo books as well, and ang galling!!! Everyone is amazed every time I show it to them. Problem with the coloring book is that we can’t get past the code activation. 🙁 Ewan ko ba kung bakit.

  3. The new educational toys nowadays are nice no? with matching apps pa. Mukhang very interactive and educational talaga. Sana its not too expensive.

  4. I like these 3d materials that you have, sis! They spark interest and fun sa mga bata. I hope I can buy for Nate soon. I bet he will love these. These 3d books just look really nice. Maliban sa malaking tulong sa learning, di pa nakakabore gamitin.
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  5. This is something the kids would surely love. I like it that there are so many ways for kids to learn and play at the same time.

    I love coloring books and it’s one of the things my three boys and i did when they were little pa. We bond over coloring books then we would strip the pages and display them on our bedroom wall.

  6. We have the same coloring books pero hindi ko pa pinapagamit sa son ko kasi baka masira lols. I guess I have to wait for a few months for him to appreciate on what it can do. For the meantime, mommy muna ang gagamit lols.
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