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You don’t want to do it, but you really, really need to at this point. Either your existing car is very close to giving out on you or it already has. Or, you’ve had an accident in which your car has been totaled and it wouldn’t make sense financially to make the repairs. No matter the reason you’re headed to your local Ford dealer, such as Bob Gillingham Ford, you need to be ready to go there with your game face on. If you need a dependable car for your family and you’re determined to drive away in a new car, here’s what you can do as a mom to help facilitate your master plan.

Get Your Financing First

Most of the paperwork that new car buyers fill out when purchasing a vehicle is related to getting financing. Then after that, you’ll still have to negotiate on price and the down payment amount. If you know what you want to drive and how much you want to pay for that car, come to the dealership with your financing already approved. Not only can you get the best interest rates available but there be will a lot less haggling too.

Review the Inventory Before You Go

Remember that what you might see online at a car dealership may be different from what’s available when you show up. A car can be sold just seconds before your arrival. At the same time, looking at the existing vehicle inventory will let you know what kind of cars are being offered and if they’re in your price range. As a mom you need to think about vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and affordability when considering new car purchases. Make a list of the cars that you want to see in person that you know you can afford so that your trip to the car dealership is fruitful.

Know What Your Bottom Line Is

If you need a certain style of car because of lifestyle choices or even the size of your family, don’t let the salesperson talk you into even test driving a different model car. You know what your daily routine entails, not that other person. Likewise, you don’t need to go over budget or have your credit run to see if you qualify for in-house financing when you already have been pre-approved for a loan. In other words, you need to have a bottom line and not be afraid to redirect sales staff if they get off track. People buy cars all the time and as long as you are creditworthy, have proof of auto insurance and can drive away in your new car, you should be easily catered to.

Moms are some of the busiest people around, so they need their own vehicles to care for their families and earn a living in most cases. If you’re going to buy a new car use these tips to ensure that the price you pay is right. Visit a trustworthy car dealership so that you can get a dependable car that’s enjoyable for you to drive and for your family to ride in.

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  1. We are not buying a car any time soon but I have read some time ago that you can indeed save more if you have your financing approved first before going to the car dealer. If you buy from the car dealer and use their financing, they will charge more. If you go to the bank first or loan company and get an approved loan, you can get a better deal.
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  2. Useful tips, Janice! We applied din muna sa bank, but we got denied twice. Because I was a freelancer that time, so during the third time, I submitted proof of my income (di naman kasama sa requirement, but I insisted), so yun ok na. We saved up a lot for the downpayment para konti na din yung monthly payment. 🙂

  3. We are not buying a car anytime soon but these are great tips. I agree that if you have a car in mind don’t let the dealer lore you into getting something else. We know what we need and we should stick to it. Unless they are really improving our choices.

  4. We’re not planning to get a car anytime soon, too. But hopefully, we can get one within the next 5 years. We’re still praying for it. I don’t want to worry about the monthly payments if we’re unsure about our income. So save muna kami for now.
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