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I’ve been organizing my life using planners since I was in my teens. If you’ve been following my planner account on IG, @planningforpleasure, you’d know that I love planning not just for its functionality but for its creative aspect as well. If there’s anything I’ve learned about planning all these years though, it’s that there is no one system that works for everybody. That is why I am always open to try new tools and new ways of planning. So, when I was asked to review the Full Life Cube Planning Pages, I was excited to give it a go.

Full Life Cube

I learned about the Full Life Cube Planning Pages through Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, who is a speaker, author, blogger, freelance writer, and mom of three whom I met through the homeschooling and blogging community. She is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking as well as the books When My Bridegroom Comes and How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams. She is also the blogger behind the blogs, Hands-On Parent While Earning, Mommy Bares All and When My Bridegroom Comes.

Teresa also happens to be the President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services, working from home as a career coach, counselor and a consultant for management, human resources and training solutions.

Full Life Cube Planning Pages

Teresa has also been planning since her college days. She says that planning is one of her favorite things to do. It is also through planning that she has been able to accomplish many of her goals and dreams.

She knows how busy many of us are, especially because most of us wear many hats. So, she developed or designed these pages based on her personal experiences in using planners while integrating the principles she teaches about time management to her clients. She says these planning pages are recommended for very busy people who want to live a full and balanced life based on their priorities.

These planning pages were designed to remind the user daily not only of what his/her top 5 priorities are but also of the roles/hats that he or she needs to consider in planning how to use his or her time. Thus, the user is asked to list down his/her roles. Writing them daily helps the user to be reminded and be more committed to these goals and roles.

The Full Life Cube Planning Pages are printables that you can purchase online and download individually or as a set. Each layout is made to fit a short bond paper (Letter size, 8.5″ x 11″). Let me show each of them to you.

Yearly Pages (Php 200.00)

As is customary with yearly planning pages, you can view all the 12 months on one page. However, in this layout, you also get 5 columns beside the months to jot down your goals for your 5 personal needs, namely Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Financial.

There is also space on top to jot down the Top 5 in your life and your Life Mission Statement. The bottom portion has some inspirational quotes as well as space to list down your various roles.

Monthly Pages (Php 200.00)

The top and bottom parts of the Monthly Pages are the same as that of the Yearly Pages. However, the center part consists of three columns. The date (which is already listed down), the day, and your Plans/Appointments/To-Dos.

Basically, you print one Monthly Page per month to give you a quick view of your month.

Weekly Pages (Php 200.00)

The Weekly Pages gives you a bird’s eye view of what you have going on during the week. Again, there’s space to list down your Top 5 in Life as well as your Key Roles. However, this time, there is also a place to list key persons and big rocks for each role. Additionally, there is also space on top to list your Me Time activities that week for each of your 5 needs.

The meat of the page however, is the 9-column chart, wherein which you can list your schedules and to-do’s for each day.

Daily Pages (Php 200.00)

The Daily Pages is the place where you can go into further detail about the things you wish and need to accomplish on any given day. There is space for both your AM and PM schedules. Like the other layouts, there’s also space  to list your Top 5 in Life, Me Time goals, Key Roles and notes.

Full Life Cube Planning Pages Set (Php 800.00)

Each of the pages can be used on its own. However, they were all designed to work together as a set. Each set consists of one copy of each of the 4 pages.


My Review

I was given a copy of the Full Life Cube Planning Pages set for review. I tried using it for a week to see if it works for me. I was able to use the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Pages. I haven’t used the Yearly Page yet because I feel like I need more time to sit down and think about what my goals are for each month next year.

Here are my thoughts about the planning pages.


  1. I like that there is a lot of space to write. This is advantageous to those with big handwriting as well as to those who really have a lot of things to list down.
  2. I like that they are printable and downloadable. No need to go to a physical store to buy a planner. Just click on the links above and it will take you to the online store where you can purchase the pages.
  3. You can use them forever. Php 800 may seem expensive for a 4-page set but what’s great about this is that the pages are undated. This means that you can print the pages one at a time, depending on what you need. You can also use this not just for one year. You can print as many as you want, year after year after year.
  4. The pages are very functional. You can easily jot down your tasks and schedules. The layouts make it easy for you to see the things you have going on. Definitely, no frills.
  5. It’s very helpful for busy people (like moms!) who juggle many different roles in life. I, for one, am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, blogger and freelancer. Sometimes, some of these roles take a back seat because other areas in my life are more hectic. But these pages remind me that other areas in my life need my attention as well. I think that will help make the user of these pages lead a more balanced life.
  6. I like that there’s space to jot down Me Time for each area of need. Whenever I used to jot down Me Time in my planner, I just list the activity I want to do. However, these pages remind me that I have several personal needs that need my attention and that I need to have Me Time to satisfy each of those needs. For instance, I realized I’ve only been taking care of my Mental and Emotional needs whenever I schedule Me Time. What about my Spiritual, Physical, and Financial needs?

Things to Note:

I honestly don’t have any “dislikes” when it comes to these planning pages. What I wish to share are some things that you might want to consider if you’re thinking of using these layouts.

  1. You need to have a printer. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Most households have at least one but in case you don’t, there are many shops who offer cheap printing services.
  2. In a year, you might need to print 1 yearly page, 12 monthly pages, 52 weekly pages, and 365 daily pages. If, like me, you like going back to refer to the previous weeks’ or months’ pages, then you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to file all of them. A ring binder could be a good choice.
  3. Having to write down your Top 5 in Life, as well as your Key Roles every time on each of the pages can be a tedious task. However, I’ve realized that writing them over and over again is really one of the best ways to remind yourself of your priorities, goals, and dreams. This is especially important for busy people like me because it is so easy to forget things.

It’s also easy to forget priorities sometimes. On my planning pages, for instance, I wrote that my Top 1 is my hubby. But, it made me realize that I haven’t really been making him my top priority lately. My life lately has mostly revolved around kids, house and work. So, now I know that for the next weeks and the next year, I need to be more mindful about my relationship with my hubby and be more proactive regarding spending quality time with him.

So, do I recommend the Full Life Cube Planning Pages? Definitely! Some people tell me they have been so unsuccessful using planners. Some of them think planners don’t work for them. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right one. There’s no one planner or system that works for everyone. Try this system and it just might work for you.

If you wish to check them out, click on the links above. It will lead you to the online store where you can purchase the pages. Please take note that they are affiliate links because I am now a part of the HOPE Affiliate Program.

To learn more about HOPE and the Full Life Cube Planning Pages, visit http://www.handsonparentwhilelearning.com and http://www.fulllifecube.com.

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  1. Thank you for this review of my planning pages, Janice! I’m glad you liked it and you find it helpful. I hope to help more people, parents especially, through these planning pages. 🙂

  2. This is the reason why I don’t buy planner because I just print my planning pages. I got my life planner and blog planner at Designer Blogs. One advantage of this is you can reuse the file every year and just print the pages that you need.

  3. I’m not good with planners and journals. Last year, what worked for me was a desktop calendar where I can easily write my scheds. Next year, I’m gonna try the planner again and hope this works. This one looks good, if I can sustain the planner for a year, maybe, I can do this one the ff year. 😀
    Nilyn recently posted…Why Amber Necklaces Work on Teething BabiesMy Profile

  4. I love planning and writing down things. My problem is consistency. I can become too busy and end up forgetting that I have a planner. This is great. Everything is organized and ready. =) I used to print mine too. =)

  5. I have been scouting for a perfect planner for 2018. Right now I am thinking of settling with monthly calendar planner notebook (for carrying around) and a bigger one for more detailed planning. Will check this one too. Thanks!

  6. I’ve attended Mommy Teresa’s workshop before (Time Management) sobrang helpful talaga parang ganito nga shinare nya before about different roles and time for each 🙂

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