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Earlier this year, I shared with you one of the brands I love when it comes to baby products and that’s Smart Steps. In case you don’t know, Smart Steps is a line of mild and safe baby laundry detergents and baby bottle and dishwashing liquids that are specially formulated for babies.

We’ve been using Smart Steps products since our son, Ziggy, was a baby. Now that we have Zander as well, we continue to use their products at home too. So, we were so happy when several days ago, a huge box of Smart Steps products was delivered to us. Yay!

As you can see above, Zander helped me during the unboxing. I guess he was as excited as I was, specially since the contents were mostly for him. (He’ll be sharing the anti-mosquito patches with his big brother and big sisters!)

I was surprised to see that Smart Steps actually has a new fresh look. Their new packaging reflects what their brand is all about – light, fresh, mild, and safe products made specially for baby’s sensitive skin. This is really super important to me because Zander has atopic dermatitis or eczema. That means we have to be extra careful to not expose his skin to anything that will cause his eczema to flare up.

Thebaby laundry detergents and baby bottle and dish washing liquids still have NO HARSH CHEMICALS that can dry and irritate baby’s skin. Improvements have been made to their packaging though to make it easier for Smart Moms to use.

To show their products versatility, they have renamed their baby bottle cleanser into Smart Steps Baby Bottle and Dishwashing Liquid. It is made from plant-based ingredients that not only makes it mild and safe for baby’s sensitive tummy, but it can also effectively strip off grease and soiled breast milk odors.

The Smart Steps Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener now has an easy-pour spout that makes it more convenient to use.

Despite the new look, Smart Steps stays true to its mission of providing safe and affordable baby and child-rearing products for all Smart Moms. Their products are a staple in our household and we definitely love them.

Learn more about Smart Steps by visiting their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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