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I still remember what it felt like when I became a mom for the first time 16 years ago. I was still in my early 20s, so inexperienced and insecure in my abilities as a mother. It didn’t help that most of my friends didn’t have kids yet then. Plus, we only had dial-up Internet so I couldn’t research much online about parenting. Basically, I relied heavily on mother’s instinct and from what I’ve experienced growing up.

Fast forward to 2018, I now have 4 kids. It’s extremely exhausting at times but also incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot about motherhood during the past 16 years. While it’s really hard to be a parent these days because everyone seems to have an opinion about it, I’ve learned to trust my own way. After all, there are no perfect moms, only real ones. Plus, no one else knows my kids the way I do. That is my #RealMoms story.

If you’re a first time mom, it’s normal to feel insecure about your new role. But trust me when I say that you’ll grow into it as you learn more about yourself and your child. In time, you’ll grow more confident with your abilities as a mom.

But all of us moms, no matter if newbie or experienced, need all the support we can get. And I’m glad that Baby Dove is now here in the Philippines to do just that.

We all know Dove as the Brand Most Recommended by Dermatologists. I have personally experienced how well their products take care of our skin. However, when it comes to our babies, we need products that go beyond mildness. They must deliver essential moisture and nutrients onto baby’s skin.

Baby Dove’s mission is to provide real care that enables women to become confident new mothers, with less anxiety and insecurity, as it cares for one of the most sensitive parts of a newborn – their skin.

Baby’s skin can lose moisture up to five times faster than that of an adult’s. This makes them more prone to rashes and allergies; so much so that even gentle soaps can leave their skin dry. The all new Baby Dove is not just mild, but also helps provide moisture. It is this combination that replenishes essential lipids that are critical for baby’s fragile skin barrier.

Available in Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture, Baby Dove caters to all skin types. The Rich Moisture variant has a delicate scent and is best for normal to dry skin, while the fragrance-free Sensitive Moisture line is specially developed to take extra care for sensitive skin. I’m especially happy about this Sensitive Moisture line because our baby is prone to eczema.

The Baby Dove range includes the following:

Rich Moisture
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar 75g – Php 45.00
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair-to-Toe Wash 200ml – Php 139.00
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair-to-Toe Wash 400ml – Php 259.00
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion 200ml – Php 219.00
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo 200ml – Php 199.00
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes 50 pulls – Php 149.00

Sensitive Moisture
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar 75g – Php 49.00
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Hair-to-Toe Wash 200ml – Php 159.00
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Hair-to-Toe Wash 400ml – Php 279.00
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Baby Lotion 200ml – Php 239.00

Baby Dove products have been clinically-tested and hypoallergenic. They do not contain dyes, parabens, and/or phthalates. They are specially formulated to be as gentle as water at pH level 7, so mild that it can be used by kids aged 0 – 4 years old. Baby Dove is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide.

With Baby Dove, you can now rest easy knowing that you’re doing your best as a mom in providing real care for your baby’s skin. What is your #RealMoms story? Share it with me.

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  1. Zee was prone to atopic dermatitis too.
    That’s why I am also glad about this news that Baby Dove is now available in the Philippines. Very reasonable pa ng price nya di ba mommy? 🙂

  2. It is true that most dermatologists recommend Dove soap. I started using Dove when I was still in college, yan ang nirecommend ng doctor ko when I was diagnosed with psoriasis. I will try Baby Dove, kahit tween na anak ko mas prefer niya Baby shampoo and soap. hehehe!

  3. Ako gustong gusto ko ang Dove! Im a loyal user. So I was so happy na meron ng baby dove kasi trusted ko na sila.

  4. cute photo ni LO! our family loves dove too! medyo sensitive ang skin ni bunso namin so i really need to buy fragrance-free products. what i love more about their product line is.. syempre, budget friendly! 🙂

  5. cutie baby!amazing read!thank you so much for sharing this..this is a read especially to a soon to be a father like me.


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