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Our kids have their own favorite apps on their gadgets. Of course, their dad and I regulate all the apps that they use and make sure that they are age-appropriate and safe for them. Well, we recently discovered one that is definitely made for kids and that is the Star Dino Story Book app by Star Margarine.

I grew up with Star Margarine in our house. I love it on toasted bread but we also sometimes used it on rice. Star Margarine has always been known as something that helps keep kids healthy, strong, and taller too! It consists of Vitamins A, B, D and E as well Iodine. So it’s not really a surprise that it’s still a staple in a lot of Filipino households these days. The only difference is that there are a lot more Star Margarine flavors now including Chocolate, Strawberry, Garlic, Caramel, Vanilla, Sweet Blend and of course, the Classic one.

Anyway, Star Margarine recently came up with a new web app called the Star Dino Story Book and my son, Ziggy (That’s his nickname, by the way. His real name is Zeth, which is what we used on the app.) and I were able to try it. It allows your child to star in his or her own fun adventures. We first had to go to StarMargarine.com/login and created our account. You can do so using your email address or via Facebook.

Then we each had to type our names and upload our photos. Here’s how it will turn out. It’s like a cover of your own personalized story book. Cool, right!

After that, it was time to try on the different adventures. There were four in total – Coaster Hills Adventure, Cheer Valley, Boulder Bridge, and Hero Canyons. We tried them all of course. The stories are very short ones but feature different stories where kids are able to go on fun adventures with the help of Star Margarine which keeps them healthy and strong.

Here’s Ziggy in one of the scenes on Coaster Hills.

Here’s another one from Hero Canyons.

Then, here’s a scene from Boulder Bridge.

When you and your child are done with each adventure, it will automatically be saved on the app. Then when all four adventures are done, you will have the option to rearrange the sequence of the adventures as you want them to appear before sharing them on social media. You can share it via Facebook on Twitter. We chose to share ours on Facebook.

I like that the app was really very simple and easy to use. It’s also very kid-friendly. It was really fun for my son because he loved being the star of his own story books. We even showed the story books to our two-year-old, Zander, and he was amazed seeing his mom and brother on the app! He kept on pointing to our dino characters and even kissed them. Haha!

Try out the app too! Your kids will enjoy their own #MyStarKidAdventure. For more info, follow Star Margarine on Facebook.

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  1. When I was young, I seldom see margarine in our house, we prefer butter kasi for our bread. Parang nakalimutan ko na tuloy lasa ng margarine. First time to know that they have different variants na pala.

  2. Ito pala yung nakita kong image niyo ni Ziggy, hihihi! I remember Star Margarine as a child, and I remember begging my yaya to cook me rice with it like in the commercial para tumangkad ako haha! Marami na palang flavors! Masarap?

  3. I love the garlic and the one with sugar or honey flavor. They export here in Saudi too. =) I’m more of a Dari Creme fan before, but started loving Star when they had varieties to choose from. =)

    I love the app. It looks fun for kids. =)

  4. Whenever I see Star Margarine online or sa store, I would always be reminded of my cousins. My mom would put Star Margarine sa rice ko para tumangkad daw ako at Di magaya sa cousin ko na Maliit. Ihihi. I did that to my boys too only that later on, read that margarine can be bad pala sa heath.

  5. Ang cute talaga nito sis! ๐Ÿ™‚ Di pa namin na-try ni Raix. ?

  6. This is such a cute app! My niece will definitely appreciate this as much as she loves her favorite Star Margarine. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  7. Wow, ang galing naman. My kids will enjoy this for sure. And the brand has evolved ah. May flavors narin sila ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Will download this. My kid is an ultimate dinosaur level ?

  9. My kid is an ultimate dinosaur lover. Will download this she will surely love this hehe

  10. Malaki na si Ren pero nag-enjoy sya dito. Gagawa daw nya sarili nyang app like this soon haha (I wish matupad).

  11. Ay ang cute ng app! Sa amin naman nung bata kami sabi ng lolo ko, eat star margarine para tumangkad. Hihihihi.. We love the garlic flavor though para sa garlic bread.

  12. This is a fun app. It’s also nice to know that Star Margarine has different flavors now. Reveals my age. hahaha I think my kids especially the youngest would love this app. He likes dinosaurs.

  13. Twinkle and I really enjoyed this app, especially because she’s into dinosaurs these days.

  14. I remember my mom would put margarine on my rice and it will look all yellow. She also brainwashed me that when I eat my rice with star margarine, I will grow tall. Ehehe. There was once a chance, too, that I served my boys rice with star margarine because if the same reason – to gain height.

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