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It’s a new year! For us in the planner community, that means a new planner ….. Or at least a new or updated planner system, such as the case with me. My 2019 planner system just involves using my pocket Foxy Fix Sugar Mochi as my homeschool planner and my pocket Filofax Finsbury as my everyday carry.

Since my One Word for the year is MINDFUL, I really took the time to think about what should be included in my planner system this year. I made sure that I have everything I will need to efficiently manage my hectic life as a work-at-home mom of 4, considering the recent changes in our family life. After all, my planners are my partners in crime when it comes to being the official Chaos Coordinator of our household.

If you wish to see how I set up my planner this year, do watch my most recent YouTube video where I did a detailed flip through of my Filofax.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to set up your own planner system this year, if you haven’t already. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Happy planning!

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  1. YOu are genius ! great idea!

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