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Finding the right place to raise a family can be challenging. Good schools, safe neighborhoods, and a reasonable cost of living may all factor into your decision on where to live. Several factors determine what makes one city better than another when you have a family. 

Consider Where Your Family and Friends Are

If spending time with your family and friends is important to you, you might want to think twice about moving too far from them. Driving in a car with (or without) kids to visit your people takes time, and flying can be exhausting and expensive. Will you be okay with not seeing your nieces and nephews grow up? Your kids won’t have that tight cousin bond and regular playdates and sleepovers. Will you miss your siblings and not see your parents often?

Look at the School Districts

You always need to consider living near high-quality schools. School districts should clearly be on every buyer’s radar whether or not kids are in the picture. Even if you don’t have children, home values tend to rise faster in good school districts than in otherwise comparable locales with not top-ranked schools. A good school district tends to equal a good neighborhood. And when it comes to real estate, location, location, location. 

See What There is to Do There

Are there good restaurants? Part of the fun of exploring a new city is to try all of the new foods that come along with it. Families want to enjoy an assortment of restaurants, cocktail bars, and breweries, nightlife spots, and upscale shopping in and around the area.

A move to Canada is something many people dream of. The quality of life and gorgeous scenery make Canada an attractive home to so many. Canada has a low crime rate, universal healthcare, affordable education, job opportunities, a growing economy, and a booming housing market. Real estate for sale in Whistler can be hard to find. However, having an excellent agent is your secret weapon. Look at homes under your budget, so you can bid up. 

If your situation allows it, you might consider holding off on your home purchase until the market cools down. Don’t get caught up with the pressure to buy, even in a seller’s market. Remember that purchasing a home has a long-term impact on your financial future. It may be better to let a house go than make a poor decision that’s expensive to change.

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