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Last Friday, Zoe and Ziya participated once again in their school’s annual Christmas program. Every year the school rents out a theater in PICC and this year was still the same. It was held at the exact same room as the last couple of years. I think it’s a really great way to gather all the students to perform Christmas songs and dances for their parents and families. After all, school should not just be all about lessons, right?

One great thing about this year’s program though was the fact that Zoe and Ziya only had one costume. They were just asked to wear red dresses with black shoes. During the previous years, they were required to have a few costume changes depending on the dances they had to do. So, at least we were able to save on that this year. The ticket prices though are still at P600 for each parent and P500 for additional guests. Pretty expensive, if you ask me, but none of the other parents seem to mind. 

Here are some of the photos we took during the event. 

Zoe and Ziya before the show
My Ziya, front and center
Zoe, our not-so-little performer
me with my Light and my Life

the girls with their Papi

Wish I can say that we’ll be back next year for sure but since the kids might be transferring to a different school next school year. This might have been their last Christmas program at the PICC. Whatever happens, the memories will always be in our hearts and minds.

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