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It was around this time 2 years ago when I got my first job as a WAHM. A former colleague, who now owns an outsourcing company, hired me to edit translated documents as well as to develop business plans for a US-based client. The project lasted only 2 months. I had hoped that it would be easy to find more clients after that but I was wrong. It was challenging but maybe it was because I didn’t try too hard to find them. When my first project ended, I was already at the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy with Ziggy and my brain was mostly focused on preparing for his arrival.


It was also around that time that I started this blog. I created this blog for personal reasons at first, mainly to chronicle my pregnancy journey with Ziggy and eventually his birth etc. However, I also had plans of earning from blogging too. So during that 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I focused on building this blog as well. I started earning from this blog thru a paid post just a couple of weeks shy of my 3-month blog anniversary. I had hoped my blog would start earning regularly from then on but it wasn’t that easy either. I continued to receive payments from sponsored posts and ads but they were few and far between. But I didn’t lose hope. I knew that I had to work harder for bigger things to start happening not only for my blog, but most importantly my career as a work-at-home mom. I think that now, that time is happening already. Finally!


Several weeks ago, I found out about a local WAHM group on Facebook. I was super eager to join because I wanted to meet other WAHMs like me and possibly find other WAHM opportunities that I could try. Soon, a job posting for a transcription job became available. I tried out that transcription job, which I even blogged about here. I knew that it wasn’t the kind of job that my heart was yearning for, but it was a paying job and I was willing to give it a shot. So I did try but it didn’t last long. It only took me 2 transcription assignments to decide that it just wasn’t for me. While it was a fun learning experience, the pay I was receiving for the hours it took to finish transcribing one document just was not worth it for me.

One of the main reasons why I gave up that transcription job was because two other WAHM opportunities were presented to me. The first one was a freelance online writing job. One of my blogger idols asked me to try out for the job by asking me to send writing samples for a client of hers, who needed writers for her website. I ended up sending four articles and thankfully, the client liked them. The client liked them so much that she ended up ordering ten more articles for the coming week. TEN! I was floored. I could finally start officially calling myself a freelance online writer. It was a dream come true. Finally, all my networking has paid off and I am now going to be regularly paid for something I love doing – writing!

The second reason was that my former US-based client, for whom I developed business plans for almost two years ago, emailed me and said that he noticed that I blog and that I do social media marketing for my blog. He said he wanted to talk to me about possibly joining his team because they have clients who need writers and social media managers. I was shocked! I was shocked because although I know that that former client and I were connected on Google+, I didn’t think he was interested enough to notice, much less read, my feeds. But he did! Just goes to prove that you never really know who’s reading your blog sometimes.


Anyway, I was also super excited for the opportunity because I have been hoping and praying to land a social media gig for some time now. And guess what? I finally did land that job. Hooray! Now, I can finally officially call myself a social media manager too.

As if those great things aren’t enough, there have been tons of great developments for this blog too. Finally, local brands have started noticing me and have chosen to partner with me. One of those partners is Cetaphil (I happen to have a Cetaphil giveaway now, which you can still join until Oct. 8.). Another local brand will be sponsoring a giveaway too, very, very soon. Also, I’ve been invited to take part in a book blog tour too for the very first time. Last but not the least, I’ve been picked as one of 200 bloggers worldwide to be part of this great organization of bloggers, who have pledged to promote worthy causes from around the world. You’ll definitely be reading about all those here within the next couple of weeks. So, do watch out for all these new and exciting things coming up soon.

So, anyway, the month of September has truly been great to me. God has blessed me with all these wonderful things – things that I have only dreamed about before. One by one, they’re all coming true. Finally! Prayers really do work and God really listens. It just goes to show that good things come to those who wait. Just last month, I was still a struggling WAHM-wannabe. Now, I am so proud to say that I am officially a WAHM. I am living my dream and I can’t be any happier. Wish me luck as I embark on this new and fantastic adventure. I’m excited!


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