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It’s almost December now and I’m not done with Christmas shopping yet. I’m definitely starting to panic a little. Haha! Hopefully, I’ll be done by next week so that I can start wrapping all the gifts.

Anyway, I started thinking about what I want for Christmas and realized that what I usually appreciate most is either something I want but can’t buy for myself or something that’s really practical that I can actually use.

Who doesn’t appreciate practical gifts, right? I especially like those that’s useful not just to me but also for my whole family.

So, I decided to make a short list of practical Christmas gift suggestions in case you guys need ideas as well.

Unilab Handy Health Kit


The Unilab Handy Health Kit contains all the medicines you need for common aches and pains, including Biogesic, Alaxan FR, Decolgen, Diatabs, Tuseran and Kremil-S. All of us need these medicines at home at all times because we never know when our family members are going to get sick. Plus, this kit is so handy too that you can take it with you when you travel. Or just keep it in your handbag so that you can have it with you whenever you go out of the house. It’s definitely a very useful and practical gift that anybody will appreciate. You can find more Unilab products by visiting their website.

Christmas Grocery Baskets


This may sound so generic but I really appreciate the nicely wrapped grocery baskets. These ones, for instance, are from SM Supermarket. There are baskets available for every budget. You can also choose based on the contents. While there are those that contain mostly snacks, there are also those that contain grocery items that people usually consume at home. What I appreciate most are those that I can use to cook a meal for Noche Buena or Media Noche, such as pasta, spaghetti sauce, fruit cocktail, etc. That way, I no longer need to buy!

Natural Oils Kit


I love natural oils! I think instead of disinfectant sprays, natural oils are better alternatives to disinfecting and deodorizing the house. Some are all-purpose too so you can use them on your linens, pillows, etc. Others such as Citronella even help repel against insects and molds, which is very important now because none of us want to get dengue. These are definitely very practical gifts for homemakers like me.


Life Vest and Survival Kit 


We all know that Metro Manila, and the Philippines in general, is prone to a lot of typhoons, floods and other natural disasters. The key to survival is to really be prepared for these things to happen and part of the preparation includes having a life vest and a survival kit. What if you can  have both in one product? I discovered this product that is both a life vest and survival kit in one! I think this is a must in every household and I’d really appreciate someone giving this to me for Christmas.

There are many more practical Christmas gift ideas out there. You just have to think of stuff that will really be useful to your loved ones. Can you share with me some of your ideas?


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  1. I love all these! =) I’m a practical gift giver. I try to give something that’s very useful. I’d honestly give the food/grocery basket, and all the vitamins than other gifts. haha
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