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My eldest daughter will be turning 15 this year. Yes, I’ve been a mom for THAT long. Now, I’m pregnant with my fourth child. You’d think that with that much parenting experience, I’d be confident enough to say that I’m an expert but I’m not.

Me with my two teens during a party last year.

There’s no doubt that I’ve experienced so many things, both good and bad, as a parent. I’ve undoubtedly learned many lessons from them but I’m sure that down the road there will be lots more to learn.

With my son at Enchanted Kingdom last year.

I have no qualms in admitting that I’m not a perfect mom. While I’m proud of my achievements, I’ll also be the first to admit that I have had a LOT of parenting boo-boos as well. And when I received this package from Calpol, I was reminded of the funniest and craziest parenting mistakes I’ve had over the years.


Here are some of my most memorable parenting boo-boos:

  • When my eldest daughter was a newborn, her dad and I woke up with a start one morning to find her not between us on the bed. Her dad immediately ran sleepily to the crib to check if she was there but he said she wasn’t. So we immediately rummaged through the pillows and blanket on the bed looking for her to no avail. We also didn’t find her anywhere on the floor. I then went to the crib to check again and found her sleeping peacefully inside. Haha! Turns out her dad forgot he placed her back there before he went to bed and was too sleepy to see her there when he checked the crib. It almost gave me a heart attack!
  • One time, we had this stove top bottle sterilizer. I used it and forgot to go back to it in time. So, I ended up burning the bottles! Needless to say, we never used a stove top sterilizer again.
  • I’m normally a very OC person but there have been a few times when I forgot to buy materials that my kids needed for school the next day.
  • There have also been times when I woke up to the sound of the school bus furiously beeping its horn. My kids were still asleep too and obviously, I hadn’t yet been able to prepare their breakfast and baon. So, I told the bus driver to go ahead and leave and that I’ll just ask my hubby to take the kids to school. Haha!
  • One of my most recent boob-boos happened only several weeks ago when we were out for errands and I didn’t notice that my son had worn his shoes on the wrong feet. I only noticed them when we were already on our way home! Parenting fail!
We were out for errands and I didn’t realize my son was wearing his shoes on the wrong feet until we were already on our way home!

Luckily, I haven’t committed any boo-boos that seriously harmed my kids, especially when it comes to their health. I guess that’s because when it comes to health, I’m really a more cautious person and only use products that I have tried and tested already and when it comes to my kids’ pain and fever, my go-to brand has always been Calpol.

My kids love Calpol because compared to other brands, it actually tastes good. I just love it because it’s effective! My son has even tried asking me for more than his usual dose because he loves the taste so much. Haha! But of course, I didn’t give in to that. I know how crucial it is to give the most accurate dose of medicine to my kids.


So, I’m thankful that Calpol sent me this dosage wheel that will help me determine the correct dosage of Calpol to give my kids depending on their weight. It’s so useful! It really helps me make no mistake when it comes to my kids’ fever and pain.

If you don’t have this dosage wheel, that’s okay. You can calculate for the correct dosage of Calpol online too through the dosage calculator. You can also find Calpol in all leading drugstores nationwide.



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  1. Got so many similar stories, too. Ihihi. Thank you for the dosage calculator. Very helpful, though, I prefer not to check on it anytime soon. 🙂

  2. Oh, speaking of parenting boo boos! haha. We all have those! Ours we keep in our memory box so we can laugh at it and share it with our kids when they get older! lol!
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…I Lost my Wedding Ring!My Profile

    1. That’s actually a great idea! Thanks for sharing that, Nilyn. 🙂
      Janice recently posted…#CalpolMakeNoMistake (and some of my funniest parenting boo-boos)My Profile

  3. We also use calpol when my son is having a fever. It is really effective. And by the way, I had a good laugh at some of your parenting boo-boos. Specially the shoes part! Hahaha! I guess nakakangarag kasi sa part natin kapag may lakad ang buong family and yet you have to assist your children while fixing yourself, too. I also experienced one time not being able to comb my hair because we are so in a hurry since the uber driver was already waiting for us. To many more of laughable parenting boo-boos! Haha
    Michelle recently posted…My Dream HomeMy Profile

    1. Exactly! I’m usually OC about checking everyone’s outfits before we leave the house but there are really very hectic days when I neglect that. So, that was one of those days. Haha!
      Janice recently posted…#CalpolMakeNoMistake (and some of my funniest parenting boo-boos)My Profile

  4. Reminds me of my own parenting bloopers. 😀

  5. We use calpol, too. And its version of Kool Fever. I forgot the name lang. It’s perfect whenever Charley has fever. 🙂

  6. Calpol mom here too. 🙂 when are you due? Have a happy and stress free pregnancy! 🙂
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse SaleMy Profile

  7. Hahaha the mis-worn (is that a word?!) shoes are too cute! We also only use Calpol when my son has a fever. Nothing works as well as Calpol!
    Maan recently posted…When Life Hits You HardMy Profile

  8. I have tons of parenting boo-boos too, lalo with my eldest. With my second child, I was extra careful na :))
    Ayi recently posted…Momma Confessions: Sometimes, I Just Want To Walk Away From Being a MomMy Profile

  9. I can relate to your story! How funny are we mommies! We have so much on our plate and it’s just really fun to laugh at our occasional boo-boos! I use Calpol or Tempra when my baby has a fever, I don’t really know if there’s any difference in them. But both are effective in lowering my baby’s temp. 🙂
    Arlene Tingson recently posted…Generosity Is Not All About The MoneyMy Profile

  10. I’ve had tons of those moments! Some that are just head smackingly funny. I’m sure my kids can list these.
    Louisa recently posted…Calaguas Island Summer AdventureMy Profile

  11. i’ve had my share of parenting boo boos myself. i also burned a number of Jared’s bottles while sterilizing them in the stove! I guess these are normal, especially when we had so many things in our plate, But it is a good thing that we can rely on a number of tried and tested brands when it comes to our children’s health.
    jared’s mum recently posted…Money Matters: Check Out This Ovialand Investment VideoMy Profile

  12. I think being a parent is really trial and error! heehee but I agree with you , when our children are sick, there’s no room for mistake.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…Truffle Scrambled EggMy Profile

  13. that hat is so cute. I also have some parenting mistakes, I think lahat naman meron 🙂 but yes when our kids are sick there is no room for mistakes.
    Mommy Levy recently posted…5 Reasons to #LovePulsesMy Profile

  14. I love the dosage calculator! I don’t have to ask our doctor anymore how much paracetamol to give my daughter!
    Rowena Wendy Lei recently posted…Orbik LED Bulbs now in the PhilippinesMy Profile

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