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Our entire family loves fried chicken. However, I didn’t used to cook it often because 1) I didn’t like to use the usual chicken breading found in supermarkets and 2) I couldn’t make the chicken crispy and yummy enough whenever I tried to cook it without the breading.

I don’t like the chicken breading sold in supermarkets because I know that most, if not all of them, are unhealthy. We’re trying to be mindful of what we eat here at home and so as much as possible, we only use ingredients that we’re sure will not compromise our health.

So, imagine my delight when I learned that there’s actually an all-natural chicken breading option available in the market now! Test Kitchen PH reached out to me a few months ago to tell me about their new products, the Test Kitchen All-Natural Chicken Breading, that will make your fried chicken yummy, crispy and healthy too.


Why are their products healthy? Well, unlike other chicken breading brands, Test Kitchen breadings are all-natural, and they contain NO MSG and NO PRESERVATIVES. They only contain the following ingredients: flour, starch, salt, yeast extract, spices, and skimmed powdered milk. Awesome, right? Plus, they’re available in two versions, the ORIGINAL and the SPICY Chicken breading, in 150 gram resealable packs.

Of course, we just had to try them out!


Cooking with Test Kitchen breading is so easy. Just preheat oil to 330 degrees. Open the resealable pack and in a bowl, pour as much breading as you will need.


Then, coat your chicken evenly with the breading. Because I have kids who don’t really eat spicy food, we tried the Original version first.


Just coat and fry until the chicken is brown and crispy. That’s it! Here’s the outcome.


The problem with this one is that I was in a hurry to cook that I wasn’t able to evenly coat all the chicken parts. But believe me when I tell you that the chicken tasted fantastic! The chicken was very tasty. The skin was very crispy yet the meat inside remained juicy. Our entire family loved it!

I wish I can show you photos of the Spicy version but during the time we tried it, we were so hungry we didn’t have the time to take photos anymore. I can tell you though that it was equally as yummy as the Original but it wasn’t that spicy at all. My husband, who loves REALLY spicy food, said that he wishes it was a bit spicier. But for me, it was spicy and yummy enough.

Another nice thing about these products is that they’re not really only for chicken. You can use them even for pork, seafood and vegetables too. So, we tried to do that when we had fish fillets at home and this is the result.


The outside didn’t turn out to be as crispy as the fried chicken we cooked. However, the taste was even better with the fish, at least in my opinion! I really, really loved it, especially since it made cooking fish and chips faster for me. I used to use cornstarch, eggs and panko breadcrumbs whenever I made fish and chips or chicken fingers. Now, I can just use these breadings instead!

You’d also be happy to know that each pack of breading only costs Php 88.00. It’s so worth it because each pack lasted us two uses (that’s for a family of five). It’s hygienic too because of the resealable pack used so you don’t need to transfer any remaining breading to another container.

Right now though, these are the only two products that Test Kitchen has to offer but I was told that they’re coming up with more soon and of course, they will all still have no MSG and preservatives.

I really suggest you guys try this! To order, you can just email [email protected]. Shipping within Metro Manila only costs Php 45.00. They can also accommodate orders from outside Metro Manila but shipping cost will vary according to weight and location. Payments can be made via bank deposit.

To learn more about Test Kitchen PH, do follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Happy and healthy eating! 🙂

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