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The outdoors is a wonderful place for children to ditch the screen and electronics and experience the joys of imaginative, unfettered play. You can make simple, easy modifications to your backyard to make it an appealing place for your children to spend their hours.

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Here are four of our favorite tips:

  1. Big Spaces Need Big Games

There’s nothing that says “play” to children of all ages more than a large grassy lawn. Whether it’s the soft grass underfoot or the appealing bright green that beckons, a lawn encourages hours of running, rolling, and jumping. Team games are a fun way for children to rally together, get energy out, and learn to work together. To further extend play time, add fun games like Giant DIY Jenga or lawn bowling. To deal with weeds, do not use chemicals, you should apply organic methods such as hot water, salt, hand pulling, tillage​ or use a propane torch weed burner for saving time.

  1. Make Things Visually Interesting

One favorite trick for making a backyard look put together and exciting is to add paths and various seating areas. It’s a fast way to make space look like a million bucks, and breaking up the area makes the whole outdoor experience more visually stimulating. You can have separate spaces for children that entice them and stoke their imaginations. Paths leading to sandboxes, playhouses, hammocks or outdoor play kitchens make the backyard an exciting adventure!

  1. Add Unique Landscaping

Landscape design that is simple, yet kid friendly, will make your outdoor space more inviting to adults and children alike. You can go the extra mile and create a kid-friendly garden, or give your children a special section of the garden that is theirs to plant and tend or create a theme garden such as a butterfly or hummingbird garden. These special accommodations make the backyard a magical space.

  1. Add a Showstopper

Adding a showstopping piece like an outdoor water fountain to toss coins into, a fire pit to toast marshmallows over, or a pool are all exciting additional features for a backyard. Choosing things that are child-friendly but also just beautiful makes the area enticing to the entire family. Imagine the memories you could make as a family as you gather round the fire in the evenings.

These changes are simple and easy but can add hours of enjoyment to the space around your house. In fact, it’s almost like adding another room to your house. Any of these changes will encourage your children’s imaginations to flourish and provide hours of play for them, and hours of relaxation for you. Enjoy your new backyard.


Spread the love

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