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Which of these two options is right for you? It can be pretty hard to choose between them. They have been in conflict for some time. There are some general points about each of them that are worth understanding. On top of that, you need to understand more about the pros and cons of each of the options. The suburbs have their benefits, and city living can be great for other reasons. If you’re trying to decide which living arrangement is best for you, you need to read all the information below first.

Don’t rush into any decision without knowing about what each of these arrangements has to offer you. You can’t expect the choice to be easy. Much of what matters to you will depend on your own personal situation. Read on to learn more about suburban and city living, and allow the information you find guide you when it comes to making this very personal decision.

The City

City living has always been popular, particularly with young professionals who want to enjoy everything that cities have to offer. They’re more vibrant, they are more concentrated, and they are often seen to be more fun. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that they’re so appealing.

In most major cities, public transport is now very strong. This was not always the case, but it’s something that has improved dramatically in recent times. Here are the pros and cons to be aware of before you decide to move to a big city.

The Pros:

Being Close to Everything That Matters

When you are in the middle of a city, you find that pretty much everything that you need is close to you. Of course, this is something that is going to be very appealing to many people. It’s why they want to be in the city. Whether it’s work, restaurants or friends, many people love the convenience of city living. Lots of people find that they don’t even have to own a car when they are living in a city. Instead, they just get around in another way that they see best. It could mean walking more or making the most of public transport. People who live in the city do tend to walk more than those who live in the suburbs, so this is a health matter too.

Hustle and Bustle

The hustle and bustle of living in the city is another big draw for people. There are some people who need the peace and quiet of living outside of the city. But there are just as many people who hate that way of living. They need to be surrounded by people and activity; that’s what cities offer.Of course, it’s not all good, and the hustle and bustle can get tiring after a while. But that still doesn’t drive most people away from the city. It means that you see new things every day, and you’re able to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds too.

Plenty of Culture

Culture is another thing that the city has to offer. You can live in a townhouse and be no more than a few miles away from all kinds of galleries, cinemas, arts spaces and museums. It can open your eyes to lots of new things and new experiences. These are things that you might not have ever been able to experience if you didn’t live in the city. So, that’s a pretty big deal. You should definitely consider this when you’re thinking about your next move.

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The Cons:


The main thing that stops people from living in the middle of a big city is the fact that they often simply don’t have the financial means to do so. Sadly, that’s just the way it is. You don’t want to be living in an area if it’s causing you to be left with no money for other things. Most people don’t want to spend more than half their income on their living arrangements, and that’s more than fair.

Often More Crime and Danger

There are often more problems with crime in bigger cities. In truth, this is more to do with the fact that more people live there, and everything is very concentrated. But it’s still something to give some thought to before you move to a particular city. It’s very easy to access crime statistics, so you will be able to learn about what the situation is like in your area easily enough. That will make your decision an informed one.

Noise and Traffic

There is a lot of traffic that you’re going to need to contend with if you live in a big city. Even traveling short distances by car can take a long time thanks to the number of cars on the street during the busiest times of the day. That’s something that you just have to come to terms with. And even if you don’t drive, the noise caused by the amount of traffic can be a problem as well, so it’s something to think about.

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The Suburbs

Suburban living takes you away from the centre of towns and cities. It’s a land filled with homes. This is what makes it appealing and, for other people, unappealing. It’s a space that’s thought to be safer and more secure, and that’s why families tend to head to these areas.

In terms of how urban planning works out, suburban areas are often seen as bad things because of the pollution caused by the extra travel to other areas away from the suburbs. Now, let’s have a look at some of the direct pros and cons you might come across.

The Pros:

Indoor and Outdoor Space

The amount of space you can get by choosing to live in the suburbs rather than the city can be very impressive indeed. No one wants to be trapped in a small space, and that’s not going to be a problem if you opt for the suburbs. In almost every case, you will get a lot more space for your money in the suburbs compared to in the city. That’s just the way it is. And outdoor space is in much greater abundance in the suburbs as well.

Peaceful and Less Stressful

The peace and quiet of getting out of the city can matter to some people. For example, when you work in the middle of the city, you often don’t want to live there too. It can be great to escape the city at 5:00 pm and get back to a quieter and less stressful kind of location. The peace and quiet could do you wonders. And it can help to stop problems such as stress and anxiety if you’ve ever experience those.

More Housing Options

There are so many different housing options to choose between in the suburbs too, which is really key. In the city, houses are always in short supply, so what’s on the market and available to purchase is often very restricted indeed. It’s not ideal, but that’s increasingly the case. Houses are available in much higher quantities if you start to move out of the city. And that can give you scope to find something that’s right for you.

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The Cons:

More Time Spent Commuting

Commuting times are going to be longer if you are commuting from the suburbs to the city, and that’s something to keep in mind. If you spend an hour or more getting to and from work, it will slowly eat into how much time you have left with your family at the end of the day. No one wants to be restricted in terms of how long they can spend with their children and their partners.

Too Quiet for Some

For some people, being out of the way can offer a bit too much of that peace and tranquility that so many other people crave. That’s something that can become a problem. If you’ve always been used to the atmosphere of the city, moving to a suburban area where there are fewer things happening and going on can take some getting used to. That doesn’t mean the transition can’t be made, though.

More Home Expenses

It’s certainly true that homes are more affordable in the suburbs than they are in the city. That’s almost always been the case, and it’s truer today than ever. On the other hand, when you have a bigger suburban home, you will have to spend more money decorating it and filling it with things that you like. Furniture purchase costs are always higher when you have a bigger space to fill. It’s something to keep in mind if you are thinking of moving to the suburbs.

Be sure to think carefully about what’s going to work for you. Also, don’t forget about the specificities of the area in which you live right now. Every place is different, and there are no two cities or suburban areas that are exactly the same, even if they do have plenty in common.

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