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I’m finally back with a new planner-related post! It has been a couple of months already since I last shared a set up video of my planner. This time around, I’m so excited because I’m using a new planner. It’s still a travelers notebook, of course, because I’m TN obsessed. Haha! Here’s my new Foxy Fix Sugar Mochi!!! Yay!

Isn’t she pretty? I’ve been contemplating on buying this for months but it took me a while to do so because Foxy Fix is all the way from the US and I didn’t want to deal with the pricey shipping costs and taxes. Thankfully, I found a fellow planner girl, who’s from Davao, who organizes a group buy. About a month and a half ago, she organized one for the In Stock Foxy Fix notebooks and this No. 2 (pocket size) wide from their Sugar line of leather was available. My first choice would have been a purple color but they didn’t have it In Stock. Since pink is my second favorite, I was happy to choose this Mochi color instead.

Of course, I still chose a pocket size because that’s pretty much my jam right now. I didn’t get any pockets in the inside though but that’s totally fine with me because I love the floppy leather on this one. Some people don’t like that but I do! I also splurged on a rose gold heart emboss in front.

Anyway, yesterday, I was finally able to film and upload on YouTube a flip through of this planner, which I’m sharing with you below.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video!

I have to say, I’m totally obsessed with my Sugar Mochi right now. I super love the color. I love the floppiness, the smoothness and the smell of the leather. I just really want to play with it all day but unfortunately I can’t. Actually, if I just had the budget, I’d buy this in all the available colors! Haha!

I’m not sure though if I can say I’ve already found “Planner Peace” because there are other TNs from other brands that I also still have my eye on. But at least for the next several months, I’m content with this new love of mine. I’m really looking forward to using it some more for the rest of the year and for 2018 as well. Do follow my planner account on IG, @planningforpleasure, for more posts on my Sugar Mochi.

What about you? Do you have a planner already for 2018? Do tell me what you’ll be using. Happy planning!

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  1. I planned before to have a traveler’s notebook pero nagtravel na lang kami, hindi ko nagawa. But last month, I ordered some stamps that I can use for my TN and hopefully I can start it next year. I like pink so I like your Foxy Fix planner.

  2. I wanted a TN before and that particular brand, kasi ang ganda ng reviews about the leather. Kaso i didn’t what to use it for since I have a kikki k and a happy planner already. I love the pastel color, medyo high maintenance nga lang since bawal madumihan 🙂
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  3. I like seeing your planner posts! Nakakatuwa and at the same time, it gives me the realization that planner is probably not for me talaga. lol. I’ve tried so many times to use a planner na, hanggang January lang talaga sya, lol. What I’m using instead is a desktop calendar nalang that I can easily glance whenever I’m working.

  4. I’ve been using planners from coffeeshops for years now. For 2018, I am thinking of starting a bullet journal type. But after watching your video, angcute din pala ng ganyang planner but I think hindi ko sya kaya imaintain hehehe!

  5. It’s sooo pretty! I love how you can mix and match your inserts from different sources. I don’t have that “creativity”in me haha. Meron talagang mga katulad ko that everything has to be there in one buy.

  6. It is indeed pretty. I bought a sort of scrapbook which I could turn to a planner. Reading and seeing your post on planners made me decide to start again my love for journalizing. Thank you for the good influence.

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